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All the top online casino websites encompass many factors starting with a delightful gaming experience through to excellent personal security. Selecting the best online casino websites is not an easy task as it requires careful thinking and a lot of research. There are many scam websites on the internet, we are here to tell you what to avoid! Not all casinos are genuine and transparent, and what differentiates the unscrupulous websites from the legitimate gambling sites are very important considerations.
The most important factors that make great online casino websites great are safety, security and availability of enough games to keep gaming online interesting.. Many online casino websites offer a massive collection of slot games from multiple providers, so it is important to know which ones conform to strict standards and requirements. We research all the online casino websites and select those that are regulated and licenced and regularity audited for fair play to ensure the player is protected. Nothing excites gamblers more than to know they can play online casino slot games without spending any of their own money. We find the casino websites that offer great bonuses and also explain the Rules and Regulations and wagering requirements.

Casino Gaming Software Developers

The foundation for top casino websites is their software and they are powered by top software developers that can provide the technology behind their online game offerings ensuring an online casino with quality casino games. A slot game needs to be innovative and creative, enough to captivate interest and when they are developed by the best and most reputable software suppliers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech to mention just a few, they shine. If a slot game doesn’t have interesting features, top sound effects, vivid visuals and great odds and payouts, players would quickly get bored, and so, software impacts the users’ experience.

The online casino industry keeps growing and so too do software providers, the ones who manage to keep casino websites exciting and dynamic. Technology and software development has grown in leaps and bounds. And we’ve seen the simple three reel slot machine built with Flash software to the modern day multi-reel, multi-feature video slots with their HTML5 framework. Things sure have changed! Graphics are more enhanced and animations, artwork and soundscape are better and more immersive than ever before. Good software providers make sure that their games are filled with thrilling and exciting and gameplay features so that games have an extra dimension of new features.

When you’re browsing through the games catalogue at online casino websites, you’ll come across casino games that pique your interest because of their style, or theme or simply because there’s something about the game you like. These games are created by games developers, and if you’ve never been exposed to who they are, here’s a quick summary of our top three picks. They’re responsible for some of the world’s most loved slot games and an online casino wouldn’t be complete without having them represented!


The king of the slots, Microgaming have been in business since 1994. This makes them arguably the oldest online slot manufacturer in the world, and in fact, they claim they opened the world’s first online casino. This innovative company has created a massive amount of slot games but none as famous as Mega Moolah, a Progressive Jackpot that holds the world’s record for the highest ever jackpot won online. In 2018, over 50 million was paid out in winnings and the Mega Jackpot was triggered seven times with an average payout of just under 7.2 million! No other slot game comes even close to Mega Moolah’s Progressive Jackpot wins. Microgaming also offers a large variety of table casino games making them officially the greatest software providers for online casino gaming. If you’re looking for a mobile casino powered by Microgaming or provably fair Certified Casino featuring some of Microgaming’s best slots to have fun and win, you’re at the right place!


NetEnt is famous for their incredible variety of slot games with tons of money making features and stunning graphics. They have worked very hard at building their reputation for top quality innovative games and have become known as the software developers that break the patterns of ordinary to create something brand new and fantastic. They have brought to the online casino world such games as the series of Rock slots: Guns N’ Roses, Motorhead and Jimi Hendrix. They also excel at live dealer games and their rendition of live dealer Blackjack is top class.


Alongside NetEnt and Microgaming, Playtech is our third pick third for the top casino software providers. They have been creating some of the most fun and creative slot games since 2001. Their experience is invaluable and creating slots and other online casino games are their forte. They offer tons of diversity, great win opportunities and are famous for giving players exactly what they want. Playtech is always listed at the top online casinos for one reason, casinos know that players want to play games from this top software provider. With favourite slot games like Age of The Gods: King of Olympus, Gladiator and Alchemist’s Lab, Playtech just keeps o getting better and better.

Variety of Casino Games at Online Casinos

The biggest difference between slot games at online casinos lies in the quality, quantity and variety of slots on offer. Graphics, adventurous storylines and interesting themes captivate the player as do bonus features and exciting payouts. There are many features in a variety of styles and colours, from extra spins to exciting mini-games within a game. A top 10 online casino must offer the maximum variety of casino games and besides the favourite classics, slot games that are fresh and interesting.

Making sure that the online casino you play at has a large variety of slots designed by top developers not only ensures hours of fun and interesting gameplay, but you can be sure of fair and safe gameplay. Let’s face it, everyone loves the slots but there is an enormous group that also enjoy the table and card games. You won’t be disappointed with the range and type of casino games we recommend. Why not try your hand at video poker? This category of casino games continually pays great payouts and with some percentages as high as 99.92% your time spent at the video poker machines could yield you some great payouts. Blackjack, Roulette, and Live Dealer casinos are also very popular and a top ten casino has many variants on offer. We recommend casinos that have a massive variety of your favourite games, excellent Live Dealer casinos, huge cash paying progressive games and games offering bonus bets and bonus payouts, more than enough, in fact, to keep you playing for hours.

Online Casino Slots

Let’s look at slots for now, with mobile gaming becoming extremely easy to access, the popularity of this type of gaming is ever increasing. While this is a great thing for up and coming gaming developers and passionate gamers, it can also mean it’s hard to choose which game is best for you among the hundreds and thousands that are a simple click away. On the surface, many games can all look quite similar. Here at Handpicked Casinos, we have dug deeper to filter through the masses to pick the best casino websites in the UK for you. Our goal is to find you the top slots out of all the mobile casino websites to save you time, money and the headache.

Jackpot Slots

There are a few things to consider when choosing the sort of UK Jackpots you want to play. Aspects such as the odds and the payouts are important as well as the types of games. There are two types of Jackpot slots, Progressive and non-progressive. It must be noted that there is a much greater chance of winning more regularly in a non-progressive Jackpot. This is due to the higher default set in place for these types of slots. As you may have guessed, progressive games allow you to win bigger but less often. The payout of these types of jackpot slots is less due to the higher accumulation of cash being a lot greater than that of the non-progression standards.

Focusing on odds for non-progressive jackpots, these vary depending on the game you are playing. Non-progressive require more winning combinations in order to get your payout than that of other progressive types of games. Another aspect you must consider before playing Jackpot slots is the payout percentage. This more so relates to the progressive Jackpot slots. It is the percentage of the winnings that is given to the slot game operators.

Best Way To Play Casino Slots

1. Understand the game your playing

Online Slot Games are programmed with RNG which stands for Random Number Generator. This is the one and only factor of your faith. This generates 3-5 numbers that will display on your reels.

Note RNG follows no form of patterns nor are they affected by any previously generated number sequence. This ensures fair game and equal chance of winning among all gamers.

2. Set a maximum to your gaming fund

Set yourself a budget and make sure to not go outside these guidelines. Make sure this budget is realistic. Once you understand the RNG progress, make sure you are playing with an amount you can afford to lose, worst case scenario. Another important aspect to consider when budgeting your gaming pastime is to never chase your losses. In order to get a step ahead of yourself to ensure this doesn’t happen, check out to see if your casino allows you to set weekly/monthly deposit amounts and so you can stick to the maximum amount you can afford to lose if look happens to be against you. Factor in the fact you may not always win, set your default and remember, once it’s gone, it’s gone. Never chase it.

3. Look before you jump in

In relation to bonuses, keep a sensible head. It is easy to get starry-eyed when you see the bright flashing lights of all that is on offer. With access to these promotions being easier than ever, make sure to check out the finer print before you dive right in. With online slots becoming more and more popular in the UK and the world over, competition between casinos to grab your attention means that that you can avail of more casino offers and promotions than ever before. Things to look out for would be the minimum deposit up front as well as monthly deposits needed, payout speed and total amounts of payments. These finer details may not seem important until you release that the money you have won is actually caught up by either a waiting period or tied up due to other terms and conditions.

4. Take your time

One of the most overlooked aspects of sensible gambling is to take your time. Do not rush to play or play while multitasking at another task or at a social event. Make sure to take your time when gambling in order to make sensible moves and to make sure you have made a conscious decision to deposit an amount you can afford. Do not forget the real reason you play and that is because you enjoy it. Playing online slots should be an entertaining pastime that is neither rushed or stressful. Always play sensibly!


Blackjack, also known as 21, is widely considered to be the world’s most popular online casino game and is found on virtually every online one of the worlds casino websites. It’s a fun, easy and simple strategy that can be mastered through learning some simple strategy and putting in the practice. Through learning the aforementioned players can reduce the houses edge, strategically

There are a few variations of Blackjack and they are available on Handpicked Casinos online casino websites. It’s important to know that the slightest of rule changes can change a player’s odds against the dealer and the strategy comes in when understanding what options you have when choosing among the different casino websites on offer across the web.

At Handpicked Casinos we’ve handpicked a ranked list of the top Blackjack casino websites based on things such as game variations, graphics, gameplay and any other unique characteristics.

Roulette, and Live Dealer casinos are also very popular and top ten casino websites have many variants on offer. We recommend casino websites that have a massive variety of your favourite games, excellent Live Dealer casinos, huge cash paying progressive games and games offering bonus bets and bonus payouts, more than enough, in fact, to keep you playing for hours.

High Roller

Let’s look now at high roller and high roller bonuses. Ever since the days when casinos were associated with high society and the elite, casino gaming has always been attractive to many people. There was a time when going to a casino meant getting dressed up in finery and fashion and although many land-based casinos still dress for success, these days the online gaming world has placed the focus on the games themselves. With online gamers originating more and more from different financial backgrounds, they can enjoy casino gaming for the fun and thrill it offers. Naturally, the vast majority of online casino players are casual players, and many of them may not have walked the streets of Las Vegas or Macau, the undisputed Meccas of the gambling world, high rollers probably have. These are the people that have access to higher bankrolls and for this reason, they profit from VIP exclusive online casino promotions and tournaments. Many casino websites these days offer a unique tailor-made experience for these players, with large match deposits and very attractive promotions. However, making large deposits at online casinos is not the only thing that classes a high roller, it’s not just the money spent but equally important is the way the games are played. Wagering high stakes at the online Blackjack or Roulette table or participating at a high stakes Poker tournament makes a high roller too.

Casino rewards come in a variety of different types and sizes and include such things as loyalty points, extra spins, VIP schemes, and many other promotions. Loyalty points, a system where the casino awards loyalty points into the player account every time they play casino games, are commonly used by online casinos to reward their exclusive VIP players. Often these points can be exchanged for cash or extra spins and whilst every casino has a difference of rules and ways of doing things, ultimately loyalty points can be exchanged for bonus play or extra spins at the end of every month or in fact, at any given time.

VIP Programmes

A very popular promotional tool used by casino websites is to reward the most loyal and valuable clients, VIP promotions carry with them a wide variety of perks and rewards for players. No two casino websites are the same and so these VIP programmes also differ but in most cases, they exist in different tiered levels meaning the more you play the more you stand to gain. Higher levels provide VIP players with better rewards and bonuses, such as weekly reload bonuses and extra spins. The higher levels also offer certain perks such as increased withdrawal limits, quicker cashing out of your winnings, more favourable exchange rates for loyalty points, and higher betting limits.

Online Casino Games for the High Roller

The most popular games played at casino websites are the slot machines. That’s not to say that table and card games aren’t popular too, and games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and of course, Live Dealer casino games are also indispensable to a successful casino. However, it has been said that high rollers seem to prefer Baccarat, evidenced by the fact that Macao, the gambling mecca of the world, has a total gaming revenue for Baccarat with high roller players of a 60% contribution to revenue.

With regards to the slot games, high rollers seem to enjoy slot games characterised by 3D graphics, immersive soundtracks and excellent animations. A high roller can stake from as low as £20 per spin to a maximum of £5000 per spin, but whether a high roller or a casual player, extra spins gifted by the casino make players very happy. High rollers and VIP’s should never feel shy about asking their online casino’s customer service for free spins, let’s face it, loyalty deserves a reward! Please contact us and ask us to recommend you exclusive offers and we’ll endeavour to arrange special extra spins bonuses for you.

But if spinning the reels is not your game of choice, a classic Blackjack table will certainly entice you, as it is based on luck and winning strategies. Blackjack allows the player to compete with other players for long hours and a great casino website will offer different variants of Blackjack with amazing prizes to be won. When it comes to Roulette, however, another casino game based on pure luck, high rollers and VIP’s love the thrill of this game and no wonder, Roulette allows for the highest bet limits which can reach up to the thousands! Most high roller casino websites offer three or more variations, including European Roulette, American Roulette, and 3D Roulette.

Live dealer casino games have grown hugely in popularity and many players are attracted to the immersive conditions, meaning you get to play against real human dealers via high-quality cameras. Roulette tends to be a favourite with high rollers as it offers the most thrills and bets can go as high as half a million pounds or even higher per game! But that’s not to say that Roulette is the only game enjoyed, Blackjack and Baccarat get as much attention.

But whether a high roller or a VIP guest at an online casino that tends to wage smaller amounts, bonuses, rules, games and the Terms and Conditions are always the same for both the high roller and VIP client. We always recommend that you fully read and understand the Terms and Conditions associated with any particular bonus. We’ve reviewed the best online casinos and hand selected the top high limit Roulette tables, Blackjack and slot games and make this information available to you.

Welcome Offers

When you decide to play at one of our recommended casino websites, you will qualify to receive a welcome bonus, a one time offer encouraged to incentivise you to sign up at a casino. Welcome offers are delightful gifts offered by casino websites to welcome new players to their casino, but it wouldn’t make sense for the casino to simply hand over their cash or they’d close their doors in no time! It is a bonus offer but is attached to wagering requirements. This is simply how many times you will have to wager your bonus money before being allowed to withdraw it. Always read the Terms and Conditions very carefully so as to know exactly what the terms are for accepting a Welcome bonus.

Promotions For Existing Players

Online casinos are big business and as there are so many, there is so much competition between them. If they didn’t find creative ways to offer great promotions and bonuses, they would risk losing their loyal clients. One of the most effective ways to keep players’ happy is offering not only top casino games but great, lucrative ongoing promotions. Once you’ve used your welcome bonus and pocketed some wins, look out for ongoing promotions such as the Reload Bonus, where the casino will match your deposit with a certain percentage. Expect to receive lots of bonuses during the week as well as extra spins so that you can have more money to play with. Extra spins add more excitement to your playing time and come in two categories, Extra spins Bonus with No Deposit Required and Deposit Required Extra Spins Bonus. No Deposit Required Extra Spins bonuses usually have a maximum withdrawal limit and require no deposit and let’s face it, we all enjoy a gift! They are definitely a great incentive for new players to join and existing players to keep spinning the reels, but it is very important to always read the Terms and Conditions carefully so you know what the casino requires from you.


People are understandably cautious about handing payment information over the internet to sites they are not familiar with. Although payments made online are now more secure than ever before, the No Deposit Bonus was created for the super cautious! Usually, quite small amounts of cash are offered to allow the player to dive right into playing casinos games without having to pay a deposit. Always read the Terms and Requirements because some casino websites have hefty wagering requirements which can be difficult to meet. Always know what you’re in for! On the other hand, No Deposit Bonuses are made especially for the sole purpose of attracting new clients to the casino in the hope of beginning a long and happy mutual relationship. But Regardless of the Terms and Conditions, playing the slots online, free and for fun or for real money, still remains one of the most popular ways of passing time and still offers thrilling entertainment.