Skrill Casinos

For some unfathomable reason, making payments at online casinos is not as easy as it probably should be. Luckily, some of humanity’s best engineers came up with something called an e-wallet, which functions as a deposit, withdrawal, and payment method that offers the fastest, most affordable process when it comes to making payments and withdrawals with online casinos.

Are all e-wallets created the same? Of course not. The world of e-wallets is just as cutthroat as the world of online casinos, and is populated with an ever-expanding wealth of competing, innovating companies. It is within this rabble of e-wallets that one truly reigns supreme, and that’s a little e-wallet called Skrill, which is one of the most popularly used money transfer services in the entire world. This long-established company is often considered the cheapest method in terms of fees and rates, while also giving players access to exclusive benefits at online casinos including deposit matches, speedy withdrawals, and more promotions.

As far as payment methods go, Skrill is a no-brainer. The ease of use, low fees and costs, and wide breadth of casinos with Skrill make it a top choice for online gamblers throughout the world.

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What is Skrill?

Skrill is an e-commerce payment system that permits and facilitates the transfer of payment using the internet. Skrill is especially useful for anyone looking to make an international transfer at a low cost, making it an exceptionally useful payment method. The company was established in 2001, and broke new ground as one of the first and most innovative online e-wallets. Skrill became a trendsetter that other competitors had to follow in order to stay competitive, and continues to dominate the online casino payment method market today.

Originally, Skrill was actually called Moneybookers, but later they decided to rebrand from Moneybookers to Skrill in 2011, and were subsequently purchased by Paysafe Group in 2015. Today, Skrill boasts an impressive customer base of over 40 million users worldwide. The platform also boasts support in more than 200 countries, and even supports the use of over 40 currencies as well. While online casinos are the main focus of this article, those who make a Skrill account can also expect to use Skrill for a full range of industries.

Skrill UK is headquartered in London, and since the company has made such a name for itself, is now accepted as payment by a wide range of online casinos. It can be used for deposits and withdrawals, so players can make things like Skrill deposits to get things like a welcome bonus. Oftentimes, these online casinos that accept Skrill as tender will reward new players for using Skrill, and offer things like free spins upon completion of a first deposit.

Skrill also boasts mobile functionality, with a full-fledged application that can be downloaded for iOS or Android through Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. On both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, the app boasts a 4.5/5 rating among users. Skrill is a top-contender in the e-wallets game, and works as a fantastic mediator. Players can make a deposit with Skrill after they’ve opened their Skrill account online, and fund their account with their debit card.

Opening Your Skrill Account

Anyone familiar with online gambling will be sure to make Skrill a near and dear friend, and luckily, registration and account setup is as easy as apple pie. Simply visit and click the “get started” button. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter your first name, last name, email, password, country, and state/province. Upon completion of registration, you’ll be prompted to enter in your debit card information.

Typically once you’ve completed registration, you’ll need to confirm your identity and e-mail address. This is just a precaution to ensure no fraud is happening, and rightfully so. Skrill has ensured that its customers and members will be offered the highest standards of security, privacy, and service. By completing this process, you’re helping keep your account and information safe.

What Are Skrill’s Fee’s Like?

It is absolutely free to open a Skrill account, and comes at no charge to the user. Registration takes just a few moments, and from there users will be free to upload funds to their e-wallet. Luckily for users, Skrill has gone to great lengths to ensure low cost local deposit options are available for those looking to upload funds. For those without a Skrill account, there is a dedicated fees page to be found at Once visited, users can see the best available deposit methods in their country/region, and all associated applicable costs. So, in terms of fees incurred upon the uploading of funds for your account, the cost is really just unique to your own local region.

Withdrawals, however, abide by a different set of fee parameters. The fees incurred when making withdrawals apply to where the withdrawal is going. For example, if a user is making a withdrawal to their bank account, then the fee incurred will be a flat €5.50. If the user is making a withdrawal to their VISA card, then the fee incurred will be 7.5%. Withdrawals to mobile wallets incur a fee of 1.45%, and an ATM withdrawal with the Skill Prepaid Mastercard is 1.75%.

When it comes to sending money, the fees and charges incurred will be largely based on your country of residence. The Fees page on Skrill has more information, and should enable you to find out the exact fees around your country of residence. It’s also worth noting that Skrill doesn’t tack on any fees for users that make purchases using their Skrill account or Skrill card. The merchants, however, may have their own fees they’ll charge, so be sure to do your homework.

Thankfully, Skrill makes it easiest when it comes to receiving money. For anyone looking to use Skrill as a means for receiving money, there are no fees that will be incurred. That means you can receive money from anyone using your Skrill account, and incur absolutely no charges. What’s not to like?

Skrill provides currency conversion as part of its services, which is invaluable as online casinos accept a wide variety of currencies from around the world. Naturally, sooner or later you’ll need to convert your winnings into your preferred currency, which can be a terribly laborious process.

When converting currency for any transaction type with Skrill, the user will incur a 3.99% fee.

Skrill Online Casinos

Skrill Casinos are casinos that accept Skrill. I’m sure you put that together yourself, but still, it warrants mention so as to clear up any potential confusion. Not every casino accepts Skrill, which means that some of the benefits to using Skrill can limit your ability to play wherever you want. There are many casino types that accept Skrill as a form of payment.

There are a variety of factors to take in when choosing between Skrill casinos. Things that factor in include deposit bonuses, what games the casino offers for you to play, deposit and withdrawal limits, and how often the casino is adding new games for you to play. While some of this may seem mundane, picking a trustworthy, reputable, and generous casino can make or break any online gambling experience. Too often in online gambling people just rush for the best welcome bonus or the biggest selection of games, and without taking the time to read the fine print, or deliberate on whether or not this online casino is going to be what’s best for their needs.

Either way, we took the liberty to categorize these Skrill casinos between Live Dealer Games, and then Slots & Table Games. In each we mention what makes them such a strong contender in the Skrill casino battleground.

Top 10 Online Casinos that Accept Skrill:

  1. Slot Hunter Casino – Slot Hunter Casino is a casino that, as its name suggests, provides an epic assortment of slots and 2000+ casino games. This Skrill casino accepts Skrill for your first casino deposit, and has an assortment of welcome bonuses that includes a no deposit welcome bonus. This casino is certain to have everything you’re looking for.
  2. JacksPay Casino – This Skrill Casino is known for having functionality in the United States, as well as abroad. The casino has a generous 1st deposit bonus, which gives you 25 casino free spins. The casino also adds 18 new games every week to its roster, and has phenomenal mobile functionality.
  3. CasinoMax – This online casino has one of the best reputations in the business, and has been around since 2017. Skrill casinos like this are few and far between, as CasinoMax also accepts Bitcoin as legal tender. This skrill casino has always been on the cutting edge, which is why it was quick to adopt Skrill as well as cryptocurrency. There is a wide breadth of casino games that this casino provides for your gambling needs. The exclusive bonus includes a 310% match of up to a $3100 casino deposit.
  4. Raging Bull Slots Casino – For those who love slots, Raging Bull Slots Casino has you covered. This online casino has a staggering 350% bonus up to $30,000, and gives 50 free spins upon completion of the 1st deposit. For those who love more than slots, they can also look forward to Blackjack, Video Poker, and Roulette.
  5. Sloto Cash Casino – While Sloto Cash casino may seem like just a slots casino, it is truly so much more. The casino rewards players with 100 free spins on completion of their first casino deposit, and these free spins can be used on any game. There is a wide breadth of casino games to play at this casino, as well, so you can be sure that you’ll find some decent gambling. The withdrawal limit is also considerably higher than some of the competition, and the chat is available 24/7 should you run into any issues.
  6. Slots of Vegas Casino – This is the perfect casino for any player in the United States. Slots of Vegas Casino has one of the best reputations within the online casino industry, and offers players access to more than 2000 games that include Slots, Roulette, Video Poker, Blackjack, and more. There is a wide breadth of casino games to play at this casino for your gambling needs. The casino also gives new players 25 free spins on multiple games, and with no deposit required.
  7. BoVegas Casino – This sizable casino offers the hottest titles in Slots, Poker, Video Poker, Roulette, and more. BoVegas Casino also accepts players from all over the world, and takes full advantage of many of Skrill’s promotional offers. Unfortunately, BoVegas has a rather low withdrawal limit of 2000 euros per week. For most players, this won’t be an issue. But for any high-roller really looking to play their luck, this could be a deal breaker.
  8. Uptown Aces Casino – An excellent choice for anyone gambling in the US or around the world, Uptown Aces Casino is a top-notch provider of the best casino games you’ve come to expect from the best online casinos in the world. Uptown Aces Casino boasts a very high withdrawal limit, so any high-rollers looking to play big and deposit big, can expect to withdraw big too once the winnings start coming in.
  9. Vegas Crest Casino – Vegas Crest Casino is yet another top choice for anyone in the United States that’s looking to play some casino games. Not only does Vegas Crest Casino accept Skrill as payment, but they also take Bitcoin as well for those that are looking to play big and win big. The casino also offers a generous welcome bonus of 200% match deposit, with an extra 30 spins on select games. There is a wide breadth of casino games that this casino provides for your gambling needs.
  10. Red Dog Casino – One of the most trusted and reputable casinos within the USA, Red Dog Casino is a great choice for anyone looking to make the most out of their initial deposit before they play. This casino offers a wide variety of games for players including Blackjack, Hold’Em, and Roulette to name a few, and also has a generous first deposit matching bonus upon opening a casino account of 225% (up to $12,250). That’s a staggering amount of money that you’ll get just for completing a deposit! Red Dog Casino is also a highly reputable casino, and promises to give players an experience that they’ll never forget.

Skrill Casino Minimum Deposit

When it comes to depositing with Skrill at an online casino site, the minimum limits are different depending on the casino you play at and there is no fixed minimum deposit for using Skrill at online casinos. Generally speaking, the minimum deposit can vary from around £/$.€5 – £/$.€20,

Top 3 Live Casinos that Accept Skrill:

  1. Betfair Live Casino – Betfair Live Casino hosts an assortment of live casino games for its gambling base. You can look forward to having the chance to play live games of Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, and more. Betfair Live Casino also boasts a powerful VIP program that is second to none. This casino is perfect for anyone looking to play some serious live games, and also has a generous deposit match that promises to give players all the cash they’ll need to play to their heart’s content.
  2.  LeoVegas Live Casino – Yet another live casino, LeoVegas has over 90+ live dealer games. The casino also has 18 new games being added every hour, so players can expect to see a constant stream of fun, challenging, and exciting games to play. LeoVegas also has some of the best mobile functionality when it comes to live dealer games, and promises to give high-rollers an excellent VIP program as well.
  3. 888 Live Casino – This live casino provides private rooms with much higher limits. This is a perfect casino experience for experienced players that are looking to get in on some real action, and make some real money along the way. 888 Live Casino also delivers on the intense promise of having the best promotions of any online casino today. Any new player that signs up here is certain to be rewarded for it.

Advantages of an Online Casino with Skrill

There is a wide breadth of online casinos that accept Skrill as a payment method, and there is good reason for it. Skrill gives its users a substantial set of advantages. The company is gargantuan in its size, and provides a solid foundation for any online endeavors that may require payment. Users can rely on an always accessible paper trail of all of their transactions, and that won’t be going anywhere either.

Skrill isn’t just some payment method start-up. Skrill is an institution, and is the bedrock of the online casino industry. The history speaks for itself, and is exactly why online casinos ensure that any users using Skrill will be rewarded with a slew of free spins, welcome bonus plays, and unlimited e wallet Skrill deposits and withdrawals when using Skrill. Skrill is the go-to platform, for online casinos and online gamblers alike.

For decades, Skrill has served millions of happy customers in well over 200 countries, and has transacted in over 40 currencies too. While Skrill is used commonly throughout the world, it is most commonly associated with the UK, and also with UK online casinos that accept Skrill. Don’t let that presumption fool you. If you are looking for online casinos across the world for your gambling needs, then you can bet on Skrill.

As far as being what’s known in online gambling as a “betting-friendly” payment method, Skrill delivers. Across all of the best online casinos, Skrill is proudly posted as a payment option. An online casino like this is sure to reward players for using Skrill as well with things like bonus plays, free spin bonuses, real money bonuses, and other other online gambling staples that are sure to net players some real money! Even outside of gambling at an online casino, Skrill is considered and accepted as a payment option across a multitude of gaming sites.

Having real visibility into your finances between you and your online casino brings with it a tremendous set of benefits. Being able to do a quick audit is extremely valuable for any gambling enthusiast, so as to ensure all transactions between you and your online casino are just as they should be. It can get pretty complicated managing a multitude of payment methods as well, which is exactly why Skrill online is such a valuable tool. Having the power to fund your account at any moment when using Skrill, and using any payment method when using Skrill such as credit cards and bank accounts, online gambling enthusiasts can be sure that they’ll be able to transfer funds instantly, and get back to doing what players do best.

Utilizing Skrill also gives players looking to play and gamble another added advantage at an online casino, and that is not having to share their information with the online casino. Skrill holds itself to the absolute highest industry standards when it comes to data privacy and security, and promises to give its users all of the security, privacy, and discretion they’ll need to feel safe when transacting with an online casino. This ensures that players at any online casino will not have to share their details with the online casino, and can keep their information right where it belongs.

Skrill has also abided by the highest principles of regulation, and boasts licensing and compliance by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Financial Conduct Authority is one of the highest regulating bodies in the UK, and getting a license from it requires the absolute best practices. Players can be sure that their money is safe and sound.

Skrill VIP

High-rollers can also rejoice, as Skrill offers an unparalleled VIP experience. This VIP experience promises to award players certain privileges at certain casinos, as well as shower players with things like a lucrative first deposit bonus, plenty of free plays on your favorite casino games, and real money bonuses, thanks to Skrill’s close relationships for any online casino that accepts it as an online casino payment method.

Skrill VIP gives players exclusive offers at an online casino of their choice, provided that casino accepts Skrill. Skrill VIP boasts impressive 24/7 support, as well as a plethora of special promotions, free spins and plays on new casino games, free Skrill deposits and withdrawals, and more! The more players transact, the more the benefits of the Skrill VIP program multiply. For anyone looking to really push their online gambling experience, and hit all of the best online casino games to net themselves some real money, then look no further than Skrill.

Skrill commends boldness, and promises to reward players that play the most. Join Skrill today, and you can look forward to a bevvy of added VIP benefits upon meeting the qualifying criteria.

Disadvantages of Online Casinos That Use Skrill

Indeed, every high has a low. This is one of life’s harsh truths, but nothing that cannot be overcome. While typically an online casino will go to great lengths to ensure its users have the smoothest possible experience at their casino, they can’t always give players the perfect answer for everything.

Having said that, Skrill really doesn’t have all that much wrong with it as far as payment methods go. Regardless, its important to familiarize yourself with every aspect of banks, payment methods, and gambling too. Compared to the competition, Skrill doesn’t charge nearly as much in fees. That’s the advantage of being the king in the e-wallet business, as Skrill gets to set the prices, and can undercut the competition. However, there are charges with things like currency conversion, as well as charges around the withdrawal of funds. Some deposits as well are subject to fees.

Some platforms won’t charge you for things like currency conversion, but c’est la vie. Skrill may undercut the competition, but they’ve found other ways to make their money back. Skrill also limits users to a single primary currency per account, meaning that you’ll have to get used to transferring any currency you’ve won at a foreign casino, and incur that currency conversion fee.

Skrill doesn’t ensure your victory should any payment disputes arise. You can’t Skrill and have them reverse a charge. For some people, be they nefarious or honest, this can be a deal breaker. Either way, Skrill is a fantastic payment method. For anyone looking to make the most of it, just be sure to keep everything in your singular currency, and attempt to do business with local online casinos. If you’re hellbent on playing abroad, Skrill is absolutely still a top choice. It will depend largely on the types of deposits you’re making, and how often you’re converting currency.

Finally, not all casinos accept Skrill. While it may be the best payment method by many other standards, for some people it just simply won’t get them to any casino of their choice. Skrill can be somewhat limiting when it comes to finding a casino that accepts it, which for some is the final straw.


Naturally, this is an overwhelming amount of information. Therefore, I took the liberty to break down all of the upsides and downsides of Skrill, and using them at Skrill Casinos.

First, the upside!

  1. Privacy – Skrill promises to keep user data secure, and will prevent the online casinos themselves from seeing your information. This protects you on a profound level, as online casinos have had plenty of leaks, and don’t offer the same encryption methods and security as Skrill does.
  2. 24/7 Customer Support – Skrill’s customer support is second to none. With 24/7 support for users, players are promised recourse at a Skrill casino should they run into any sort of problem.
  3. The Skrill Casino Bonus – Players who use Skrill at a Skrill online casino are entitled to unique bonuses. Most payment methods are just that, and Skrill has put itself above the rest by promising to be more than just a payment method; they’re a casino enhancer. New players at a Skrill casino are given exclusive things like an exclusive first deposit bonus, welcome bonus, free spins and bonus plays on fun casino games, and more.
  4. Instant Transfers – Players have guaranteed access to instant transfers, so moving money can be quick, versatile, and responsive to your needs.

Now, onto the downside.

  1. Scarcity – Sadly, not every casino accepts Skrill. This can limit your choice when it comes to picking a casino. Skrill, however, counters this by getting you bonuses at a Skrill Casino. So, while there are many good reasons to find a Skrill casino, it can be just that which makes it difficult.
  2. Fees – All payment methods and e wallets have fees, and Skrill is no exception. Sometimes navigating the conditions of the fees can be tricky, and can leave players feeling blindsided when they find fees where they didn’t think they would.


To conclude, Skrill online casinos can be tricky to find. It can also be tricky to navigate through this universe of deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and ensuring the games you want to play are on offer at the casino in question. To find the perfect casino, it does take more than just a little bit of homework. With so many competing and varying factors between casinos, Skrill has gone to great lengths to ensure that any casino that accepts it as a valid tender will reward players with generous deposit bonuses, free plays on all of the hottest casino games, and near instantaneous, low-fee deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Skrill is for winners. It’s an unparalleled payment method that makes placing a deposit and making a withdrawal as painless as it should be.