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What is Mastercard?

Mastercard is one of the biggest and most popular payment methods available for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. In this Handpicked Casino guide, we will provide you with all the information you need on Mastercard as well as the best online casinos to play at. Keep reading to find out more about Mastercard Online Casinos.

What is Mastercard? 

Mastercard is among the most well-known banking methods available online. This payment option is popular worldwide and is used for both online and offline purchases. It’s safe to say that Mastercard is one of the largest credit card and debit card issues across the globe. It cooperates with over 25,000 banks and financial institutes making it accessible to many across the world.

Getting your hands on a Mastercard branded card is quick and easy if you meet the necessary requirements. Once you’ve got your Mastercard you can enjoy a range of benefits including availability, accessibility and security.

  • Mastercard is accepted in more than 210 countries
  • It can be used in more than 25 million companies
  • Usable internationally to draw funds from banks or ATMs

Mastercard links to your bank account with a guaranteed payment to the chosen recipient. It’s available across all devices and allows you to make deposits or withdrawals from anywhere at any time. It also provides the option to take out a loan and pay it off. These can be paid off within 30 days or sometimes longer depending on the Mastercard provider.  

A large number of banks and financial institutions provide you with a Mastercard. These cards are also available at several other organizations which include large retailers or chain stores licensed to issue cards thanks to their partnership with Mastercard.  

Various e-wallets and prepaid cards can issue a Mastercard to their clients (either a virtual or a physical “plastic” card) which enables them to make payments (and perform withdrawals) by using the worldwide Mastercard platform.

Deposits via Mastercard  

One of the benefits of using Mastercard is that the process of depositing via this method is straightforward and to the point. With Mastercard, you can get through the funding process quickly while knowing your details are always secure.  

Steps to follow for deposits 

Get a Mastercard – Mastercard has different types of cards including debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards. You can get these easily from top banks and financial institutions. Your Mastercard will be linked to your bank account for quick payments.  

Register at a reputable Mastercard Casino – There is a large number of online casinos that accept Mastercard. Take a look at the Handpicked Casinos list of recommended Mastercard Online Casinos. Choose the casino you want to play at and complete the simple, quick registration process.  

Go to the cashier and select Mastercard as payment method – When you’ve chosen your secure online casino you can head over to the cashier to make a quick and easy deposit. Online casinos generally provide you with a wide range of options and Mastercard can easily be spotted thanks to its logo.  

Deposit the amount you wish to use – You can make a deposit of any amount as long as it meets the minimum and maximum deposit requirements. Each casino will have a minimum and maximum deposit limit. Keep in mind that if you hope to claim a welcome offer or other bonus you will need to meet the minimum deposit required to claim your bonus upon deposit.  

Start playing your favorite games – Once you’ve made a deposit the funds along with your bonus should show in your account instantly. You will then be able to start playing your favorite or new games straight away.  

Usually there are no fees charged on deposits and processing is quick and instant. Keep in mind that for players at UK Gambling Commission regulated casinos, credit card payments might not be available.  

Withdrawing via Mastercard 

The majority of online casinos accept Mastercard not just for deposits but withdrawals too. The withdrawal information will always be clearly displayed when visiting the cashier.  

Quick and easy steps to withdrawing via Mastercard: 

Head to the Cashier – When it’s time to cash in your wins head to the cashier on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.  

Select Mastercard as Withdrawal Option  To ensure a seamless and smooth process make sure the details on the card is the same as those provided for your casino account. (Casinos frown upon using cards under another name to fund your account.) 

Choose your Withdrawal Amount – Each casino will have a minimum withdrawal limit and a maximum withdrawal limit. The maximum limit depends on the casino so make sure you read the terms and conditions. The majority of casinos will require you to make a minimum withdrawal of $20 and place a cap at a maximum withdrawal of $,5000.  

Click Submit and wait for your Winnings – Once you’ve requested a withdrawal it will be submitted and undergo a processing period. The casino team generally takes 24 hours to process a withdrawal request. In this time, you could be asked to provide additional verification documentation. Once the verification procedure is complete your funds should be available in your card within 2-4 business days.  

Fees & Availability 

In most cases, withdrawals are free of fees but some casinos will add a 2% fee depending on the withdrawal amount. This will be stated clearly on the Banking or Withdrawal page of the casino. You should also note that not all casinos allow you to withdraw via your Mastercard Credit Card, this is especially relevant to UK players.  

Advantages of using Mastercard 

The main advantages of using a Mastercard credit card to upgrade your online casino account are: 

  • It’s an easy way to make a payment 
  • It’s a fast way to upload funds to your casino account 
  • You can choose in which way you want to repay your credit, by a monthly redemption or spread over a longer period. 
  • It is accepted worldwide as a payment option, both online in web-stores and on websites as in normal stores and points of sale all around the world. 
  • Highly secure with additional layers of security and verification.

Disadvantages of using Mastercard 

Mastercard comes with a great range of advantages but there are still a few disadvantages to consider: 

  • When using a MasterCard for online casino payments, the data related to your credit card as well as your personal data needs to be provided. Having this information land in the wrong hands can be extremely bad. Its important to choose a licensed and regulated online casino and never give your pin or sensitive information to others. 
  • There can be fees of 2% charged on withdrawals (Not always but at some casinos) 
  • Not supported at all US Casinos (Credit Cards Mostly) 
  • Withdrawals can take up to 5 banking days to reach your account.  

Where to play with Mastercard? 

Just like the VISA credit card in the last few years also Mastercard has lost a lot of its popularity as an online casino payment option. This is mainly due to the various other online payment methods, like e-wallets, debit cards and prepaid cards, that have emerged.  

These online banking options currently allow you to make casino deposits that are not only safer, but they almost all offer the same advantages and conveniences like easiness, instant availability and wide acceptance as by paying with a Mastercard. 

That being said Mastercard is still considered one of the most trusted and reliable payment options available online. While fees and waiting periods will be linked to using this payment method, you will always be guaranteed a payment. 

With the latest in safety features and ease of access across all devices Mastercard still remains a great choice for Online Casino players.  

Check out the Handpicked Casinos list of top Mastercard Online Casinos to visit.