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Bitcoin Casinos have become very popular over the past few years providing players with a range of perks and reasons to play. One of the main reasons being a unique set of games these online casinos tend to offer.  

In this Bitcoin Casinos guide we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the games you’ll find at Bitcoin Casinos, how to bet using BTC and more.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is essentially a digital currency that differs from the traditional fiat currencies. The main thing that sets Bitcoin apart is it being decentralized. Meaning there is no central bank or government in control of it. All transactions are verified across computers worldwide via cryptography. Furthermore, these transactions are recorded in a distributed ledger known as a blockchain.  

While it’s always beneficial to have a basic understanding of how the systems work you don’t need detailed working knowledge of cryptography to be able to use it. All you need is a digital wallet in which you can store your Bitcoin and a place where you can earn and buy these coins. 

Over the years, more avenues of funding have been explored. As such the rise of Cryptocurrency began with Bitcoin taking the spotlight in 2017 and started gaining mainstream recognition and media coverage.

Nowadays you can buy just about anything using your Bitcoin, ranging from something as simple as a coffee to a luxury holiday. While it hasn’t yet overtaken traditional fiat currencies, gambling with Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity. As a result, we’re seeing new Bitcoin casinos spring up all the time. 

Currently, you will find fewer casinos accepting deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin than you would traditional payment methods that use Fiat Currency. As it can be quite a struggle to find Bitcoin-friendly or Bitcoin focused online casinos, we’ve compiled a list of casinos that offer Bitcoin gaming.  

To help you in your decision making, we’ve written detailed reviews that give you all the information you need to find the Bitcoin casino that’s right for you. 

Once you’ve found the casino you wish to play at, all you have to do is click the green Claim Now button to start the sign up and play process.

How to use Bitcoin?

While Bitcoin might be a cryptocurrency, it should still be considered and treated the same as any other real currency. Bitcoin can be used like a fiat currency to purchase goods and services or it can be used as a store of value like precious metal or gold.  

Just like other currencies, you will have the option to exchange it for other crypto or fiat currencies. This can be done through exchanging it for fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. To do this, you can make use of services similar to traditional currency exchanges. These match buyers and sellers while taking a small fee in the process.  

 Many big brands, including Microsoft and Etsy accept Bitcoin as a payment method for at least some of their products 

Using Bitcoin is easy, you just need two things: 

  • A wallet to store your Bitcoin – this can be an online wallet, a software wallet you install on your computer, or a hardware (cold) wallet that you can keep separate and can carry around with you. 
  • A place to buy Bitcoin – usually an exchange where you will deposit a fiat currency like pounds, euros or dollars in exchange for an equivalent amount of Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin will always be displayed as either BTC or ₿, so 1 BTC or 1₿ both mean 1 Bitcoin. This is the case at most vendors and online casinos.

History of Bitcoin 

  • Bitcoin was created in the late 2000s, with a paper published on 31st October 2008 with the title “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” by Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s unknown who Nakamoto is, and many believe this is a pseudonym. 
  • The Bitcoin source code was made available to the public in January 2009, with the network going live on 3rd of that month. 
  • In early 2011, 1 BTC was worth around £0.20 and by 2012 it had reached a peak of around £13.  
  • It continued to grow and then in 2017, Bitcoin saw a surge in value, increasing from around £800 in January 2017 to a peak of approximately £16,000 in December. 
  • The price then fell sharply but recovered in the months that followed. It continues to be more volatile than other stores of value, but this doesn’t put many people off. 
  • There are many other cryptocurrencies that exist in the market today, including Litecoin and Ethereum.  
  • There are also variations of Bitcoin, created when the community can’t agree on how to upgrade Bitcoin system, these are called Bitcoin forks. 
  • These forks have led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and Bitcoin Gold. For the most part, Bitcoin refers to the original BTC cryptocurrency. 

What is a Bitcoin Casino? 

A Bitcoin casino is an online gambling site that lets players make deposits via Bitcoin so that they can wager on classic table games, video poker and slot games. 

They are just like other online casino sites in that they offer most of the same games and operate in the same way, it’s just that they accept Bitcoin in addition to, or instead of, traditional fiat currency payment methods. 

While there are some innovative casinos that use blockchain technology for their gaming software, the term Bitcoin casino is typically applied to a casino that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. 

The gaming experience remains the same for Bitcoin casinos as it does with traditional online casinos. Bitcoin Casinos give you access to all the best casino games including blackjack, roulette, slot games, baccarat, video poker, and other table games. 

Another term you will see pop up frequently is ‘Crypto Casino’, this refers to the online casinos that accept Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies.  

Crypto casinos may accept a range of tokens, including: 

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 
  • Litecoin (LTC) 
  • Ethereum (ETH)  
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)  
  • Monero (XMR) 

Check out the list of Bitcoin casinos on this page and click on the green Claim Now button next to the one you want to join. 

How to Use Bitcoin at Online Casinos 

There are different ways to use Bitcoin at online casinos thanks to the variety of payment services facilitating the use of cryptocurrency. Thus, when it comes to cryptocurrency activity is normally split into two groups namely: 

  • Crypto casino sites that directly accept Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals 
  • Using a third-party payment method to indirectly use Bitcoin in any online casino 

Casinos That Directly Accept Bitcoin 

At casinos that let players make deposits with Bitcoin, you will typically select Bitcoin as your payment method and be given a wallet address to send the deposit to. 

Some casinos convert an amount of fiat currency into BTC or another token, but other crypto casino sites will deal directly with Bitcoin.  

In this case, instead of wagers on real money games being made in pounds or euros, you’ll select how much Bitcoin you want to bet. 

Making Bitcoin Deposits via Third-Party Payment Methods 

If you have chosen an online casino that it doesn’t accept Bitcoin, you may still be able to make your deposits with a cryptocurrency. 

If the casino accepts any of these payment methods: 

  • Skrill 
  • Neteller 
  • Mastercard 

It may be possible to make your first and subsequent deposits with Bitcoin. 

Both Skrill and Neteller are online payment wallets (e-wallets) and are widely accepted in the online gambling industry. They allow you to top up your account with Bitcoin and other digital currencies, which you can then use to make a deposit. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase also offer debit cards that are connected to your exchange account. This allows you to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies wherever you see the Mastercard logo, including in most online casinos. 

These methods add some extra steps to the process, but players that really like the idea of gambling with Bitcoin will likely deem it worth it. 

Guided steps to funding your account with Bitcoin 

How to Deposit with Bitcoin 

Whether you have chosen to join one of the top Bitcoin casinos or make Bitcoin deposits via a third-party service, the process of making a deposit is usually the same. 

  1. Navigate to the deposit or payment page, which is sometimes found in my account, bankroll, or wallet 
  2. Select the payment method you want to use to make a deposit 
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit – remember to check the terms of any deposit bonuses you may be eligible for so you can meet the minimum requirements 
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the deposit 

How to Withdraw with Bitcoin 

Requesting withdrawals works in mostly the same way as making a deposit. When you’re ready to make a withdrawal: 

  1. Navigate to the withdrawal page, which is sometimes found in my account, bankroll, or wallet 
  2. Select the payment method you want to use to make your withdrawal 
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to withdraw 
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the deposit 

Note that most casinos will require you to withdraw your funds back to the same payment method you used to make your deposit. If you struggle with this the friendly customer support team will be available to assist.  

Bitcoin Payout Processing Times 

Bitcoin transactions are fast, with deposits and withdrawals taking just minutes. 

Some Bitcoin casinos offer withdrawals that are almost instant, however, most will require some form of manual processing before the BTC is added to your account. 

The payout processing time will depend on the terms and conditions of each casino, although the majority will complete the withdrawal in a couple of days. Some may offer fast payouts to their VIP players, with regular customers having to wait a couple of extra days. 

If having quick access to your money is important, you may want to join a casino that offers fast withdrawals. Our list of the best casinos on this page can help you find the one that’s right for you. 

Mobile Bitcoin Casinos 

Nearly all online casinos now make their table games and slot games available on mobile devices, meaning players can enjoy their favourite casino games on the go, wherever they are. 

Some may do this through a website with a responsive design that makes it accessible through a mobile browser. This means it will be compatible with almost any device. 

Others will offer their casino games through dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android. These typically offer a better experience than casinos with mobile websites. 

If you want to do some Bitcoin gambling on the go, then why not join one of the top Bitcoin casinos listed on this page. When you’ve found the one that’s right for you, click on the green Claim Now button to get started. 

You can even get Bitcoin wallets that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet so you can carry your Bitcoins with you. 

New Bitcoin Casinos 

New Bitcoin casinos appear all the time, so it can be difficult to know which ones to trust. 

Thankfully, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands whenever you join a casino listed on the Handpicked Casinos website. We only work with licensed and regulated casino operators, so you can be sure that they operate provably fair games that have been independently verified. 

Whenever we find a new Bitcoin casino, we review it to check if it meets our rigorous standards. If it does, then it will be added to the list on this page. So be sure to check back regularly to find the newest Bitcoin casinos. 

Bitcoin Live Casinos 

Most online casinos now offer live casino games. These work by having a real-life dealer who controls the game, instead of computer algorithms taking charge. 

So instead of just seeing computer graphics on their screen, players get a live video feed of the dealer, who will deal cards, spin the roulette wheel, and talk to the players. 

If your Bitcoin casino offers live casino games then you should be able to wager on these just like you can on slot games and table games. 

Live casino games provide the most realistic casino gaming experience outside of actually visiting a land-based casino in person. 

Many casinos offer new players a welcome bonus to let them try out their range of games. So if you want to try out live casino games for free, such casino bonuses are a great opportunity to do so. 

Bitcoin Slots 

You may sometimes hear players refer to “Bitcoin slots”. These are typically just standard video slot games that you can play in casinos that accept deposits by Bitcoin. 

Apart from crypto casinos that don’t accept fiat currency and casinos that run on a blockchain, these don’t usually refer to additional slot games that are only available to players that pay with Bitcoin. 

Of course, most casinos don’t just offer slot games. You’ll find a wide range of other games you can enjoy too, including poker, blackjack, roulette and other table games. 

Can I Get Bitcoin Casino Bonuses? 

Bitcoin Casinos operate the same as all other online casinos, they have a great range of bonuses, promotions and games available for you to enjoy. From the minute you enter an online casino, you will be allowed to get your hands on a superb range of bonuses and promotions. These include a welcome offer, free spins, deposit bonuses and more. 

Free Spins from Bitcoin Casinos 

It is possible to get free spins from many Bitcoin casinos. They typically offer them to new players as part of a welcome bonus to encourage them to sign up and try out the casino’s software and range of games. 

You will typically find these bonuses of between 5 and 100 free spins when a player creates a new account with the Bitcoin casino. 

More free spins may be offered when the player makes their first deposit. In this case, a deposit bonus may include 100+ free spins in addition to matching the amount of BTC, pounds or euros deposited. 

Many online and crypto casino sites will also offer more free spins to reward loyal customers. This may be through periodic promotions, part of a VIP programme, or bonus free spins that are awarded while playing slot games. 

If you want to take advantage of casino offers like free spins, then check out the list of the best Bitcoin casinos listed on this page. When you have found the one that’s right for you, click on the green Claim Now button to get started. 

Advantages of Using Bitcoin in Online Casinos 

There are plenty of advantages of using Bitcoin to play in online casinos, including: 

  • Fast transactions so you can play your favourite real money games right away 
  • Low or no fees when using BTC for your online gambling 
  • Bitcoin funds can’t typically be frozen or held once they are in your wallet Bitcoin works (almost) everywhere 
  • Bitcoin works (almost) everywhere 
  • You can use Bitcoin in almost any online casino when using third party payment companies 
  • Bitcoin can provide some anonymity (although most Bitcoin casinos will conduct KYC checks) 

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin in Online Casinos 

  • Bitcoin isn’t directly accepted in as many online casinos when compared to other payment methods 
  • Using third party companies like Skrill and Neteller to pay by BitCoin adds an extra step that frustrates some users 
  • The Bitcoin price is quite volatile, so you are exposed to fluctuations in the exchange rate 

When you join a Bitcoin casino through Handpicked Casinos, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. 

Is Bitcoin a Safe Payment Method to Use in Online Casinos? 

For the most part, Bitcoin is a safe payment method for use in both online casinos and elsewhere. Like with everything though, you should always take sensible steps to protect your personal information, payment information, and funds when online. 

The Best Bitcoin Casino Sites 

With so many sites out there, it can be difficult to find the best Bitcoin casinos. The team at Handpicked Casinos have done the research to find all the best, most secure casinos for you.  

When reviewing Bitcoin casinos, we consider these factors: 

  • Is the casino provably fair? 
  • Is it licensed and regulated? 
  • Does it have eCOGRA certification? 
  • Does it offer great first deposit bonuses? 
  • Does it accept cryptocurrencies? 
  • Does it have good customer support, including live chat? 
  • Does it provide players with a good range of casino games, including video poker, baccarat, blackjack and slots games? 
  • Does it have fast payouts? 

Find the best Bitcoin Casino for you in the list of reviewed and recommended casinos right here on Handpicked Casinos.  

Tips for Staying Safe When Using Bitcoin Casinos 

Bitcoins is one of the safer payment methods for online gameplay but there are still some security measures you can take for additional layers of security. Any wrong step or small mistake could cost you.  

Important: Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. If you send the wrong amount or make a payment to the wrong address you are reliant on the goodwill of the receiver to rectify the issue. 

Follow these tips to stay safe when playing at Bitcoin Casinos: 

Only Play at Licensed Online Casinos 

You should only ever play real money games in licensed online casinos. This ensures that the site’s operator has been vetted, runs provably fair games and follows all of the rules and regulations stipulated by the regulator. 

Two main casino regulators are the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. At Handpicked Casinos, we only work with Bitcoin casinos that are licensed and regulated, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you join a casino through us. 

Use a Strong Password 

Security experts recommend that you should use a strong password for all of the websites that you sign up to. Your online casino account and Bitcoin wallets should be no exception. 

Don’t use the same password across multiple websites. Instead, use a different password for each site, and make use of a password manager to keep all your passwords stored securely. Most web browsers include one, or you can make use of a third-party option such as LastPass.  

Never Use the Same Password as Your Crypto Wallet 

It is especially important that you don’t use the same password for your crypto wallet on other websites. If someone gains access to your wallet and transfers your Bitcoins away, it is highly unlikely you will be able to get them back. 

Consider an Offline Bitcoin Wallet 

While the risk is low if you use a reputable online or cloud-based Bitcoin wallet, many experts recommend that you use an offline wallet to protect you against hacking attempts or a sudden shut down of the service. 

There are free wallet applications for almost every device and operating system, so you should have no trouble finding one. You should also keep it backed up in case of computer failure. 

You could take this one step further by using a “cold wallet”, which is a piece of hardware (or even a piece of paper) that stores the Bitcoins offline. 

Turn on Two-Factor Security 

Most online casinos and online Bitcoin wallets have two-factor security features that you can enable. These give you an additional layer of security by preventing anyone that knows your password from signing in. 

Beware of Phishing Scams 

Some people will attempt to access your account by tricking you into giving them your password. They may do this by sending you an email or text message that pretends to be from a casino, bank, or Bitcoin exchange. 

You should be wary of any such messages and not click links unless you are certain they are genuine. If you are in any doubt, call the customer support team of the service in question and they will be able to help further. 

*Most casinos or any legit site for that matter will never ask you to reveal sensitive information such as your password, PIN number, or one-time code to anyone. 

Bitcoin Casino Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Bitcoin gambling possible? 

Yes, it is possible to bet with Bitcoin. Many crypto casinos accept Bitcoin so that players can deposit and then play on classic casino games. It’s also possible to use Bitcoin to bet on sports, play bingo and enter lotteries. 

Are Bitcoin casinos legal? 

Bitcoin casinos that are licensed by a regulator are legal. A legal Bitcoin casino will only allow players from approved countries to join.  

Is it safe to use Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is safe to use. Like all payment methods (including cash, credit cards, and bank transfers) there are risks, but if you take sensible precautions like using strong passwords you should be safe. 

Do Bitcoin casinos accept other cryptocurrencies? 

Many of the best online Bitcoin casino sites also accept other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You can usually see what cryptocurrencies the casino accepts by checking their website. 

What is a blockchain-focused casino? 

A blockchain-focused casino is one that has a selection of games that run on blockchain technology instead of being supplied by traditional casino software developers. 

These offer provably fair games since the blockchain is a public ledger. However, there are not many of these casinos that are licensed and regulated. If and when we find them, they will be published on this page. 

Are KYC checks done in Bitcoin casinos? 

Licensed and regulated Bitcoin casinos will usually need to undertake KYC checks on their players. This is a legal requirement. 

Can Bitcoin be used for sports betting? 

Some online bookmakers will allow customers to make deposits with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the purpose of making bets on sports games. Many larger online casinos have sportsbook operations that run alongside their casino games, so you will likely find that they accept Bitcoin for one, they’ll accept it for all types of wagers. 

Where can I find trustworthy Bitcoin casinos? 

It’s important that you can trust a Bitcoin casino before you make your first deposit since you want to be sure that your money is in safe hands. Thankfully, all of the Bitcoin casinos listed on this page are licensed and regulated so you can trust them to offer provably fair games and process payouts in a timely manner.