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No Wagering Requirements Bonuses

Within the world of online casinos, it seems that most, if not all, bonuses are tied to wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are a form of terms and conditions that a player must meet in order to be able to receive their bonus. These types of requirements vary from casino to casino and game to game but generally speaking they are linked to the number of times a player must play, the amounts deposited in funds and other such areas of a game.

Bonuses at first may seem to be a great offer, however, wagering requirements can be incredibly high meaning that the player has to part with a rather large sum of money in order to access or receive a type of bonus. Wagering requirements exist because they allow a casino to ‘hedge their bets’ and ensure that they receive a steady stream of operating income. Whatsmore, wagering requirements do benefit players as they reward loyalty to a casino as, if a casino were to give out free money with no requirements, they soon would not be able to operate. By rewarding players who regularly play and meet the wagering requirements, casinos are able to build trust with a player and offer regular benefits.

In this article, we will outline all you need to know about no wagering requirement bonuses including what the benefits are and the different forms that no wagering requirement bonuses can take.

Why do No Wagering requirement bonuses exist?

As online gaming goes from strength to strength both new and existing casinos need to find ways to attract new players and keep their existing players both happy and playing regularly. Casinos are constantly offering bigger bonuses in order to get your attention and have you join and play regularly. At first glance, these offers and promotions may seem generous but often the bonuses are tied to huge wagering requirements that prevent them from withdrawing the winnings that have been won from the bonuses.

Luckily, as the market has shifted many casinos are starting to offer no wagering requirement bonuses as a way to stand out from the crowd and offer genuine value to their players.

What are No Wagering Requirement bonuses?

A no wagering requirement bonus is a bonus that has no wagering requirements associated with it. Almost all casino websites offer large casino bonuses that come with wagering requirements attached to them. Having to meet these requirements takes time and reduces the funds you have when you finally are able to withdraw the bonus. Luckily, no wagering requirements bonus is the opposite. Usually, a non-wagering requirement bonus is not a huge bonus but everything you win is yours to keep and you are able to withdraw your winnings instantly.

What are the advantages of no wagering requirement bonus?

No wagering requirement casino bonuses have become increasingly popular with players across the world. As many seek to get more value for their funds and have more control over the games they play, no wagering requirement casinos offer the ultimate way to get the best value for your money. In essence, a no wagering casino allows you to take full control of what and how you play.

No wagering requirement casinos mean that all that you win is yours to keep. If you want to cash out your winnings or simply play more, no wagering requirement casinos give you more options to do what you like with your funds. Often, wagering requirements will be tied to certain terms and conditions around when and how you can withdraw your winnings. No wagering requirement casinos do not have this hurdle allowing you to receive what you have won with ease.

Some casinos have a wagering requirement that is linked to the games that contribute towards a wagering requirement. This means that you will have to play through games you do not enjoy in order to meet them. With no wagering requirement casinos, you have more freedom to choose the games you want to play and you can play games that you genuinely enjoy. Not just those that go towards meeting a wagering requirement.

More often than not at casinos with wagering requirements, you will find that you must play through games or withdraw in a certain period of time. This means that the casino wants you to play as much and as quickly as possible in the hopes that you will not meet the requirements and not receive your bonus. With no wagering requirement casinos you can play when you want and how you want; all without a timeframe that isn’t suited to your playstyle. What’s more,
Take your time: your money isn't chained to demanding wagering requirements that must be met in a hurry.

Types of no wagering bonuses

Whether you prefer to play online slots, traditional table games or just want to have a bit more funds to play with when you join a casino, you will be pleased to know that no wagering casino bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes. We have outlined just a few of the different types of

Free Spins

Avid poker players will know that casino bonuses can be a highly attractive way to convince them of signing up to a casino. A Free Spins no wagering requirement casino will often ask for a particular sum of money for the first deposit and give you a certain amount of free spins. What is great this is that you are able to claim all winnings on your free spins and not have to reach a fixed play through the number to be able to withdraw the bonus.

Welcome Bonuses

Nearly every online casino will offer some type of welcome bonus to new players. However,m with wagering requirements it becomes clear the casinos do not want you to, or at least make it very difficult, to withdraw your winnings won from the bonus. Sadly, a lot of players are not aware of the wagering requirements and only discover them when the attempt to withdraw their winnings and end up disappointed. A no wagering requirement welcome bonus means that the welcome bonuses have no wagering requirements attached to them so anything that you win from the welcome bonus is yours to keep and withdraw.

No deposit no wagering requirement bonuses

These are one of the rarest forms of no wagering requirement bonuses and are only offered by a select number of casinos. No deposit bonuses are a very popular way to explore and test out a new casino or new games without having to use your own funds. In most casinos, these no deposit bonuses tend to come with very high wagering requirements that negate the perceived benefits that they seem to offer.

Much like no wagering requirement welcome bonuses, no wagering requirement no deposit bonuses let you keep what you win from the bonus and allow you to withdraw when you want. Whilst this bonus is considered the holy grail of bonuses, they usually have certain limits in place in regards to the maximum amount you can win from the bonus.

No wagering bonuses for VIPs and as part of loyalty schemes

Loyalty schemes are attractive to players as they reward the player for the length of time they have been with a casino and encourage you to keep playing in order to receive more loyalty promotions and offers. Within no wagering requirement bonuses, there are many types of loyalty schemes such as:

  • Rising up the levels - Usually, you will be able to earn cash, extra spins with no wagering requirements, free big sum spins (e.g a spin that is worth more than a normal spin) the more you play at the casino and rise up the levels.
  • Random wheel spin bonuses - The more you play at a casino the more promotions you unlock. One such promotion can be wager free spins on a big wheel. The more you play at the casino the more opportunity you get to play this kind of promotion.
  • In house points system - some casinos let you but the in house currency that is used and reward you with special events or no wager spins.
  • Cashback: get a no wager cashback bonus from your net losses.

No wagering for returning players

No wagering bonuses aren’t just for new players, if you already have an account with a no wagering requirement casino then there is the chance you could be entitled to a type of bonus if you come back and play. Have you ever started at a casino and got bored? Not played in a while and find it hard to get back into the swing of things? Well, as an incentive to players who have started to play and need a bit of encouragement to start playing again no wagering requirements are an attractive way to rejoin the casino.

Terms and Conditions of No Wagering Casino Bonuses

All in all no wagering requirement casino bonuses offer one of the best ways for both new and existing players to enjoy their games without being tied down to prohibitive wagering requirements. Whilst the bonuses and promotions on offer may not be the biggest, the speed of withdrawal of your winnings, lack of having to play through games a certain number of times or be tied to a timeframe represent true value for many players and remain a highly attractive offer for players looking to get the most for their money and have more control offer how they play.

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