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Novomatic was founded by Johann Graf, an  Austrian businessman in 1980. The first line of products was known as Admiral gaming machines, which quickly spread across the floors of land-based casinos and other venues around Europe. In just a few years, the company had successfully penetrated most of the major markets in the Western world.


At the beginning of the 1990s, there was a development in a number of well-received products, including American Poker II which went on to be one of the most popular video poker games of its era. Around this time, Novomatic saw the potential to enter itself into the world of casino operations as they opened their first resort in Prague in 1991. The company went on to expand worldwide with the continuous innovative drive that they added to the casino world for players to enjoy the world over. With inventions such as the electronic roulette which soon came in multiplayer, it paved the way for the ever-growing world of online casino that we know today.


Fast forwarding to today, The 21st century has seen this continuing growth of Novomatic, which now operates nearly 30 land-based casinos all over Europe, the majority of which are located in the Czech Republic. The firm also partners with many governments and organizations to provide various lottery and video terminal products throughout the world and operate their games in hundreds of smaller gambling venues.


The benefits of playing a Novomatic game

The best Novomatic casinos have risen in popularity as they offer something unique to both their online and land-based casino players. With world-renowned slots, you can experience their spectacular graphics while you play for big jackpots giving you both pleasure and excitement whenever you play.

Novomatic doesn't do anything by halves, meaning that just like their innovative software, they don't like to cut corners on their jackpots either. You can win big with Book of Ra 6 by playing for a 7.5 million coin jackpot.

While you may not see Novomatic everywhere you turn, you must consider the fact that they have been a major force in the industry for more than 30 years. One thing is for sure that it may not be the biggest operator in the industry but they are certainly one of the most trustworthy brands who has earned the trust of their players by standing by their promises and listening to the needs of their players.


Best games

As a software provider which started within physical land-based casinos, it was evident that once they took the leap to the online casino world, that their popularity continued to grow as they too grew as a company thanks to the online casino market boom.

The Book of Ra is by far one of their most popular games and we highly recommend giving it a go. Similar to Microgaming, IGT and many other games providers before it, Book of Ra plays upon that old favourite Ancient Egyptian theme with a new twist.

If you are a fan of Western films, then we would suggest you try out Gunslinger. Think of a true typical western style slot game which is bound to bring you down south as you really find yourself getting into the character of the western theme set.

The game has a solid RTP and there are three bonus features triggered when you hit the Wanted or scatter symbols, as the music speeds up and really gets the adrenaline pumping.

Even though their slot machines are famous it doesn't mean there's nothing but slots from Novomatic. Since they made the move online I've noticed they've gradually increased the number of table games available. Their baccarat and blackjack tables have just the right amount of animations to make you feel like you're in the casino whilst also keeping everything clean enough that you can see your hand and chip stack in an instant.

What makes them different?


One top feature that seems to pop up in a lot of the Novomatic games we reviewed was the gamble feature which increases the amount that can be won at any one time. Basically, you can choose to gamble your winnings by predicting whether a face-down card will be red or black, giving you a chance to double your money. If you fancy yourself as a bit of psychic you can even plump for which suit it will be and if correct you'll win four times what you would've.

Extra ways to win are a bit of a recurring theme with Novomatic games as I've also noticed a lot of free spins in their bonus features - much more often than I'm used to with other software providers.


As mentioned briefly before, Novomatic games often come with their own jackpot. One thing that many players have mentioned about Novomatic Jackpots is that as they are slightly smaller than the multi-million jackpots on other casino sites, it seems that Novomatic Jackpots are more realistic and achievable to win. While we all like to take chances, it is nice to know that the game you are playing has a statistically higher winner rate. See it as betting on a single match versus betting on a massive accumulator. While the accumulator, of course, offers a massive return, there is more than likely a bigger chance of you winning on a 50:50 chance bet.

Novomatic isn't the biggest online software provider in the industry, but it is one of the biggest in real casinos. Therefore, any company that can survive in a cutthroat casino industry must be doing something right. We, of course, are all about giving credit where credit is due and the fact that Novomatic made the move from land-based casinos to being an online casino software provider, I think they made the smart move and they did it very well giving them that competitive edge by staying up with the trend by going online, allowing themselves to reach players all around the world and keep up their well-established reputation while doing so.

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