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Introduction to Netent Software & Games

NetEnt was founded in 1996 by Bill Lindwall's son, Pontus Lindwall, who brings a background from the traditional casino field as early as 1963 when AB Restaurang Rouletter was founded by Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström. Five years later, they developed a partnership between Spelautomater & AB Roulette Konsult, which was founded by Per Hamber and Lars Kling who got a national reach in 1972 and registered the company name as Cherry. All of these facts took place prior from NetEnt to come in to play and with a starting point of three employees and two servers back in 1996, today NetEnt is considered one of the pioneers of online gaming since the mid-nineties. However, even though they are considered in today's day one biggest player in the industry, they went through some tough times where the company wasn't doing very well, their clients weren't satisfied with the games and they almost decided to sell NetEnt.
Determined not to lose, they kept on going and by the millennium year of 2000, their first online casino was launched. Soon after that, the company started to reach growth by selling Casino Modules to their customers as a result of growth they faced their initial years of profitability. They continued with such a strategy for a while and have expanded substantially their delivery of Casino Modules by going international and by the year of 2005 they established themselves in Malta with their first gaming license. By 2007, the company spun off from Cherry and got listed at the NGM Equity and so after that is moved to the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
From that point on, NetEnt worked really hard to come up from the bottom, by developing more games, improving on technology and services and from there they slowly started to expand into the new markets such as Italy, UK, and the Danish Market.
Rising up to the top with endless new customer agreements signed and collaborations with platform suppliers GameAccount Network, NetEnt develops for the first time HTML5 game.
After launching games with many operators in the US state of New Jersey, NetEnt games in land-based game machines where shops as famous as William Hill were hosting NetEnt games. This was a huge turn to NetEnt and by the end of the year 2015, their shares got upgraded to the largest cap segment of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
Romania, Portugal, and Bulgaria were the next regulated markets that NetEnt decided to enter and with its long-lasting revenue increase coming from mobile games, it is decided to launch their first mobile live casino which became part of the WLA - World Lottery Association.
With 20 years of history, NetEnt is now in markets such as Serbia, Mexico, and Czechia and Canada.

NetEnt Games

Enough of history, now let's dive into the most important part which is to talk about NetEnt Games.
NetEnt offers a variety of free to play video slots and progressive slots ranging from various different themes and topics. Whether you would like to play more sophisticated or simpler games, it is one hundred percent guaranteed you will find what you are looking for amongst the NetEnt Slots.
Themes like fairytales, movies, TV Series, seasonal topics like Halloween, myths also legends is the type of menu offerings you will find with the Swedish company with the most popular ones being the TV Series Vikings, Starburst, Halloween themed they also have a lovely range of branded slots including Guns n Roses, Jumanji, and Jimi Hendrix. All super fun with high-end technology with an average of 95-98% payout which is really good for the player's lifetime value.
It wouldn't be a surprise to think that their video slots have a tendency to be a little bit more complicated however they bring more bonus options and various different chances to win big cash-outs and jackpots.

NetEnt Pooled Jackpots

When you think progressive slots where the deal breaker, wait until you find out about pooled jackpots. So, what is a Pooled Jackpot? This is a fantastic idea where the jackpot prize from a slot machine can rise to up to enormous prize amounts from multiple different slot machines which are being re-directed into the same prize pot. Yes, that's right, you can win thousands and even millions in prizes from the pooled jackpots so do take a look at them. One of their famous pooled jackpot game is called Mega Fortune which we are going to talk about later on as you continue to read.
In order to give you a little bit of more context, presuming you are familiar with jackpots, these are only found when playing in slot machines or in the lottery. So, over the past few years, software developers like NetEnt have brought in to play this new way of winning bigger prizes where the slot machine offers the options for players to win a pooled jackpot.
Is no doubt that players get extremely enthusiastic about pooled jackpots, and they can also keep track of the numbers by a feature called progressive ticker which is like a ticking watch listed on the top of the slot machine that if a player wins the jackpot, you will see in realtime the number going down to zero. You can see payouts on pooled jackpots as high as €7,000,000 and can go even higher, so it's completely fascinating to see technology speeding up the gaming industry by making the games probabilities to win higher and exceeding in the amount of fun. So, if you haven't tried it yet, now is the time as the sky is the limit when it comes to pooled jackpots.

Fun Facts about NetEnt Pooled Jackpots

The most popular pooled jackpot games from NetEnt are Mega Fortune as listed before, Mega Fortune Dreams, Hall of the Gods and Arabian Nights. A really cool and fun fact about the pooled jackpots is that the Game Mega Fortune was listed on the Guinness World Records as it held the world biggest online payout, with a record-breaking on the slot machine of €17.86 million and back in 2015 the game broke another record on mobile with a huge payout of €8.6 million.
Now you must be wondering, is this all safe to play with such high chance to win big amounts? The answer is yes, the pooled jackpots have zero risk where NetEnt’s partners really take care of all of the administration, ensuring that all progressive jackpots are built up by the player's contributions and are collected from their bets which are interconnected from the entire casino network that is running the jackpot games ensuring the big wins are protected and always attractive.

NetEnt Jackpots

Mostly known for its biggest payouts in history, one of the advantages of NetEnt games are their vast range of progressive jackpots, meaning the jackpot goes up any time someone places a bet until a lucky player wins. Those features make NetEnt's games rather authentic in the sense that the games are suitable for all kinds of players, whether you are casually playing or if you are more of a big risk taker. The background of such big wins in short periods of time makes it pretty much irresistible to play. So, if you want to join in, let's take a look at some of their hottest jackpots.

Hottest NetEnt Jackpot Games

Mega Fortune
This is a really fun progressive jackpot slot, with 25 play lines, three rows and five reels, this game really allows you to boost the number of mega jackpots wins as it offers triple jackpots bonus. With 96% RTP the game takes you on a journey of the fortune with multiple-coin video slot, the game offers free spins, scatter wins and also wild substitutions.
The average winning amount for a pooled Mega Jackpot is €4,000,000. Switch on the jackpot bonus when the wheel is spun to win the coin or jackpot prizes.

Superluck Frog

Released in 2011, this game brings luminous five reels and 25 play lines video slot. The theme of this game isn't something you see anywhere in the gaming world. Inspired by a Japanese cartoon as the frog becomes this gorgeous-looking prince named super lucky frog. It also brings a nice auto spin feature. Along with Elf Wild and Fairy Scatter symbols, the game also has free spins and a lovely bonus jackpot. With 92.96% RTP, you can bet from as low as 0.01 euros to 0.50 cent to 100 coins. The jackpot is worth 7,500 and you hit one out of the three progressive slots.

Hall of Gods

This is another progressive slot consisting of 5 reels and 20 pay lines along with some really extraordinary imagery.
With 95.3% RTP, this game is all about the Gods, yes the Nordic Gods. There you will find Gods like Thor, Odin, Idun and Loki looking fabulously strong with their golden tools and treasures.
It's when you come around the bonus game that you will get the change to win from a range of three progressive slots. Starting the game from as low as 20 cents, you can play all the way up to 50 euros.
A sledgehammer, golden ring and necklace are one of the many scatter symbols. By breaking the hammer you can get a chance to win the jackpot. Win on this game an average of €56,000.

NetEnt Live

Unlike every other game software provider, NetEnt also throws into the mix really nice and interactive gaming options of playing the most classical games live. That's right, you will play in realtime with fantastic features games like Virtual Casino, Blackjack, Common Draw Blackjack, Roulette.
NetEnt is really proud of their makings and the Swedish company really focuses on developing not just the players most favourite games but they also focus on creating tailored digital solutions within the aim to offer a unique player experience. The way they did that was through a super close collaboration with their players, where they needed to understand the insights, needs, and demands of their customers. As they proudly develop the live games, they call them "better live gaming" and you may certainly place them on the ranks of companies that are changing the live casino industry, pushing through innovative solutions with their partners and operators.
Let's look a little bit further on the live Games

NetEnt Live Roulette

This is the classic experience, and NetEnt has certainly brought it into real life with their incredible streaming features, synchronized audio and crisp video through cutting-edge streaming technology as well as super easy to use the platform. And when you think they have done it all, they definitely took it to the next level.
Their HTML Mobile Roulette which offers all possible functions by choosing a range of standard tables, pro-tables and VIP's making the players experience truly unique.
Last but not least, if you play NetEnt Live Roulette, their games are also live streamed on a platform called Live Reward, where players have the opportunity to win rewards.

NetEnt Live Blackjack

These games bring really cool user interface along with amazing image quality and graphics. The game has a view of the statistics enabling you to keep track of the dealer's history from up to the last ten hands available. It provides high quality on their streaming features and guarantees seats on multiple tables. Despite the fact this is a classic game, so not a game for every player, NetEnt does manage to keep its spark with its features. If you never played Playjack, this is a good and fun game to give it a go. Once you are more familiar with Blackjack, you can also play another version of the game called Common Draw Blackjack and NetEnt also has a live version of it.


With 20 years of history, NetEnt should certainly be proud of its makings and for having gone from almost failure to huge growth and success, these are companies to take the hats off for. Offering a variety of different types of games that don’t just bring a really good quality on features and high-end technology, but they are exquisitely fun and creative to play. What certainly makes NetEnt stands out of the crowd is their pooled jackpots, making the player's chances to win bigger pots so much higher and fun at the same time.

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