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iSoftBet is one of the World’s leading providers of online gaming software. Founded in 2010, in less than a decade the brand has become one of the major players in online gaming software. Working within regulated markets, the company create With offices across Europe, the company is going from strength to strength and is making moves within the online casino industry across online slots as well as traditional casino games such as blackjack, American and European Roulette and poker.

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What can I expect from iSoftBet games and mobile casinos?

Well, for a start you can expect a lot of fun! Whilst the brand may not be as well known as other software providers they provide solid gaming experiences across their large portfolio of games and game types. Only hiring the best developers, the company has produced a huge amount of games, around 400 at the time of writing, and have managed secure some huge tie-ins with some of the world’s most recognisable brands across music, TV and film. All iSoftBet games are renowned for their innovative experiences, incredible graphics and games that are feature rich. They create very high-quality games which often include storylines and brilliant animations. The audio, for the sound effects, voice acting and music all enhance your experience.

An ever-expanding portfolio

With over 400 different casino games within their growing portfolio, iSoftBet is quickly becoming one of the premium online casino software providers. Using unique, state of the art technology iSoftBet boasts of offering and delivering online games that are capable of matching the excitement of live gaming through easy to understand, visually impressive and engaging games.

Innovation at ISoftBet Casinos

In the world of online slots, iSoftBet is known for its innovation that always lead to an exciting time for their players. Most of their games are classic 5 reel video slots but they’re really known for their work within 3 reel games. In their such games, you have your regular symbols with an additional two reels that can be used to enhance your win. The 4th reel usually has a number of extra coins that can be added to the win and the 5th reel acts as a multiplier. Playing these extra reels requires that you to add a few more coins with 1-9 is for the usual 3 reels, 10 to play the 4th and 15 to play the 5th reel. Using the latest all-ways 243 ways to win technology, iSoftBet are creating new experiences for gamers. This technology means that any combination of 3+ symbols starting in the left-hand reel creates a win. It stops those frustrating moments when you think you’ve got 5 of a kind but has actually missed a win-line.


iSoftBet is one of the world’s most fair software developers and have gained praise for their extremely strict internal and external quality checks. Whenever and wherever you play an iSoftBet game you can rest assured that you are playing a fair and honest game. The sheer variety of games offered means there is always something new and something for every taste. iSoftBet was awarded a license in 2013 by the Alderney Gambling Control commission – one of the world’s premier gaming jurisdictions – and subsequently received a UK gaming license under new laws in 2015. Gaming lab certified

Game Aggregation Platform

Not only are iSoftBet popular with gamers but they are also known within the industry for their support of other software developers. Their industry-leading game aggregation platform allows operators to new and exciting game content through content aggregation technology. This technology effectively allows operators to keep enhancing their offerings and content which, in the end, results in a better experience for the player.

New iSoftBet games f0r 2020

As we mentioned before for a small studio the output by the developers and teams is very prolific. iSoftBet games are popular with gamers because they produce new titles with a regularity that maintains quality, excitement and fairness. Their innovative games, particularly their unique video slots, keeps players coming back for more and their new technology and features are often employed across a wealth of their new games. New games have become a feature of the company that are known not to rest on their laurels. Producing a wide range of games across the major platforms (Desktop,iPhone and Android) means that once you experience the thrill of iSoftBet you will have the chance to explore more by this celebrated software provider.

Types of iSoftBet Games

Online Slots at ISoftbet Casinos

Online slots are where iSoftBet really shine and the vast majority of their games are within this category. As you would expect from a company that has produced over 400- games, the quality and enjoyment are of the very best. What makes iSoftBet’s slots so good? Well, firstly the actual quality of the experience is one of the closest you would get to a real casino. Vast amounts of development and research time were poured into making sure that the basics are covered and that the games are easy to understand and even easier to pick up. It is this simplicity and ease of play combined with the latest graphics, innovative stories and music that makes iSoftBet’s slots some of the most popular within the industry. If you are into your branded slot games then you can’t go wrong with iSoftBet. After securing a contract and the rights to many of 20th Century Fox’s most iconic films and TV series you can play themed slot machines based on films such as Platoon, Rambo and Nacho Libre. All feature dedicated graphics and unique takes on their source material.

Branded Slots

As relative newcomers to the industry iSoftBet have been making waves with their huge variety of branded games. Securing the licensing rights from some of the world’s biggest film and TV studios has allowed the teams at iSoftBet to create amazingly fun branded slot games. As we know, getting the licensing rights for such games can be hard and iSoftBet have been trusted to protect the integrity of many of the world’s most popular film and TV shows. Rambo, Platoon, Beverly Hills 90210 and Basic Instinct have all been given the iSoftBet makeover and have been transformed into memorable, exciting and fun gaming experiences for players across the globe. Each of their famous slots employs the very best in graphics, music creating a unique experience that leaves players wanting to come back for more again and again.

Bonuses and Free spins in iSoftBet Slots

Generally speaking, you will be pleased to hear that bonuses and free spins are often given out when iSoftBet published new slots, which is fairly often given their massive output, or when the casino decides to run a promotion. The vast majority of iSoftBet slot machines have free spin options that are triggered when you hit the right combination. Whilst this is the same as many other slots, you could classify the exciting cutscenes, films and graphics within the exclusive games as a bonus feature of the sort. When looking for iSoftBet bonuses and to get the most from their casino slots always look for the option that allows you to start playing with a joint combination of bonus money and free spins. We recommend that you chose their branded slots for their free spins and with a wealth of choices based on famous films such as Rambo, Basic Instinct and Platoon you can always find something for your taste.

iSoftBet Mobile Casino Games 2020

With a focus on both quality and quantity, it comes as no surprise that iSoftBet have invested the resources, developers and quality in their mobile offerings. Many of their mobile games are not simply scaled back desktop games but are fully realised mobile games that can stand on their own merits and most are not even available on desktop. By investing the time to develop complete mobile casino games, iSoftBet offers a huge range of their most popular games in a fully optimised mobile format. Both Android tablet and iPhone users will be happy to know that iSoftBet’s mobile casino games are fully optimised for the experience with full feature-laden, touch screen compatible games that allow you to experience the comfort and convenience of gaming on the go.


Potentially one of the most well-known card games in existence, you will be happy to know that iSoftBet are big players within the poker market. Whilst not one of their main online casino games, iSoftBet apply the level of polish, excitement and know how to this beloved game. Offering a good choice of online poker games, iSoftBet have gained attention for their moves into this new market for the company. Expect classic Texas hold ‘em and other variants on the game and experience iSoftBet’s unique graphics, sounds and more.


One of the easiest of all online casino games to pick up and play, roulette is yet another game where iSoftBet apply their expertise and knowledge to craft a wealth of options for the avid roulette gamer. Choose from favourites such as either American or European roulette (American being the faster of the two with the addition of a double 0 on the table) as well as 3D roulette with enhanced graphics. What makes iSoftBet’s choice of roulette so appealing is that each game is truly unique and was developed by specific teams to ensure that the experience is unique to the individual game and not replicated across their other roulette offerings.

American Roulette

American roulette is, without a doubt, one of the most popular online casino games. Popular in the US, UK and across Asia, American roulette is slightly different from its European counterpart that we explore below. American roulette has the wheel divided into 38 divisions numbering 1 – 36 and 0 – 00. The 00 is the main difference between the European version. iSoftBet is not really known for their roulette games yet they have received generally positive reviews that certainly punch above the software provider’s output within the genre. Again, graphics and fun are at the heart of their roulette games and we recommend you give them a spin.

European Roulette

European roulette works on virtually the same principle as it’s transatlantic cousin with the main difference being that the wheel is divided into 37 parts labelled 1-36 and a single 0 (as we mentioned, the American version has a 00). Roulette is one of the easiest games to dip in and out of and iSoftBet has gone to great lengths to ensure that players have a memorable and fun time. Despite being relative newcomers to the roulette market, iSoftBet pack a punch in their European roulette games. Have a go and let us know what you think and what your favourite games are.


Should you stick with another provider or hit up iSoftBet for a new online blackjack experience? We certainly think that the developer makes a strong case for trying their blackjack games. ISoftBet has around 10, and growing, blackjack games that are each unique as you would expect. .The main differences between their blackjack games are the betting limits. The high limit games that they offer are known as VIP but roughly have the same rules as their lower limit tables. Some of the games have slightly different rules so we suggest thoroughly reading the house rules before you play.

Win Big with iSoftBet’s jackpots

Are you a fan of winning big? Do you like jackpots? Well, iSoftBet has you covered. Like all players, the thrill of the game doesn’t just come down to the graphics and experience, although iSoftBet has these both well and truly covered, but also the amount you win the tempting jackpots on offer. All of iSoftBet’s games have attractive jackpots and the chance to really win big. Free spins, multipliers and boosted winnings all come together to help you get that jackpot. Progressive jackpots are a solid feature of most iSoftBet games and many of our team loved that this feature was so predominate across both their branded, proprietary and video slots games.