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We know that online casino gambling has been around since the mid-1990s, and thanks to rapid and innovative technology advancements, we now have live dealer casino games.
With live dealer games, you get to play with real dealers, watching them shuffle cards and spin wheels via a real-time video stream. Live casino games provide all the thrills of land-based casinos along with all the perks you’ve grown to love about online casino gambling, including massive real money bonuses, the most advanced technology from top providers and an exceptional variety of games.
But what exactly are live casino games and what can they bring to your virtual table (or roulette wheel)?

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What Are Live Dealer Casino Games?

Live dealer casinos, firstly, are a stunning combination of online and land-based casinos. When we were first introduced to online casinos, online gambling sky-rocketed in popularity. But there was always something missing. Something to capture the true essence of gambling. And it is this something that led to the innovative creation of live dealer casino games, online games that you can play at home with the feel of a real brick and mortar casino.

There’s no exact date to pin on live dealer casinos, but what we do know is that when they did hit the iGaming market, people were ecstatic. You really can’t be the idea of playing with a live dealer in the comfort of home (or wherever you are, thanks to mobile casinos). Live dealer casinos were and still are the cherry on top of the online casino gaming experience.

Types of Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealers, as the name suggests, focus on games where there is a real live dealer. This means that games live games involves a croupier, and therefore you can find variations of live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live Texas Hold’em and several other table games at the online casinos on the list at Handpicked Casinos.
So, if you’re getting excited about online casino live games, we need to take a closer look at the games themselves and what you can expect.

Live Casino Roulette

Just the same as regular roulette you’d play at an online casino, live roulette includes all the famous basics – the wheel, the board, buttons for controlling your chip selection – you get the idea. With live casino roulette, you typically get to play with an American wheel that sports two zero sections. You can place your bets the same way you would playing regular online roulette, and the bet is, as usual, noted by the software.
But there is a difference when playing live roulette. Rather than waiting for the computer software to randomly spin the ball, an actual live dealer spins the ball on an actual wheel. When the ball comes to a stop, the results are displayed on the screen and also announced by your professional croupier.

Live Texas Hold’em

Very similar to the fast-paced world of World Series of Poker, live Texas Hold’em sees both you and the dealer receive two cards face down. The aim, as per normal, is to make the best possible hand from your two cards and the set of 5 community cards that lie face up in the middle of the table. Rather than betting against other players, though, you get to bet on the odds of your hand improving against your live dealer’s. All you have to do is beat the dealer to win.

Live dealer Texas Hold’em is a fantastic game since you get to interact with a real dealer in real-time, with you wherever you may be and your dealer in a live casino studio. This is one live casino game that lends itself to great chat as you try to beat the dealer. It’s a fast and furious game with the potential for big wins.

Live Blackjack

Do you just to stand and hit while trying your best not to go bust? If so, you have got to try the best possible version of online blackjack – live blackjack! With this variant, you can play your favourite online blackjack games with your cards being dealt by a live dealer from a land-based casino environment.
The blackjack rules are really simple – you are dealt two cards and you can either continuing hitting cards to try and get to 21 without going bust. Simply beat the dealer to win.
When you pull up a virtual chair at a live blackjack table, the live dealer actually shuffles and deals a real deck of cards with smart cameras picking up which cards are dealt so you can see, usually in high-definition. Since the outcome of the live game is based on real-time play, you can rest assured that live blackjack is 100 percent fair.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat has got to be one of the classics of land-based casinos. With this game, you take on the bank to make the best two-card hand. Part of the thrills of live dealer baccarat is seeing your opening in real-time, face to face, which is why like live hold’em and live blackjack, it beats playing regular online baccarat without a doubt.
At Handpicked Casinos, we find the best live baccarat casinos around to make sure you get the full, immersive and highly interactive live casino experience.

Everything You Need to Know About Live Dealer Casinos

Live gaming in real-time

As you can see, a live dealer casino is a mixture of all the best features of online and land-based casinos. Live dealers deal on camera, while you get to play from behind your computer screen or mobile device.

Flawless, high-quality streaming

Live dealer casino games work the same way as online-based or live casino games, following all the same rules. The only difference is that there is a human on camera dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel. You even get to interact with the dealer and other players, all in real-time.
You can play live dealer games on the go

More and more online casinos and software developers have made live dealer casinos available on mobile gaming. The availability of live dealer games on mobile from a particular casino will depend on the operator and its app structure. Just remember that live games use a lot of mobile data, so rather use a wireless connection when playing on your mobile device.
A little different to regular online casino games

While live dealer games follow the same gameplay and rules, they may be a little slower, and they often demand higher bets. However, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you all the different live casino options to suit your gameplay and your budget. It’s the dealers that make the experience Live dealer casinos are made by the dealers. A good live dealer casino has presentable, friendly staff who attract players to the live tables.

Be aware of time restrictions on games

Live dealer game time restrictions depend on other players as well as the dealer. The games tend to run with a pace closer to land-based casino games.

Live games are fair and safe

Reputable casinos stay away from unfair practices to retain their loyal players. All the casinos we review hold licensed and are regulated by highly renowned gambling authorities, so you’re assured fair and safe live dealer gaming.

The Future of Live Casinos

With so many innovations popping up every day, you can only expect the world of live casino games to expand and improve.
Already, there are plenty of highly recommended casinos on the list here at Handpicked Casinos that offer an impressive assortment of live casino games. Take a look around and you’ll find everything from standard live casino games we’ve mentioned here to some unique versions, too. Try placing some blackjack side bets, try your luck at 3-Card Poker and immerse yourself in the all-exciting world of live casino games that uses several camera angles and high-definition video streaming to bring you the most interactive full-view real-deal experience around.
There’s one thing we must point out, though. As remarkable as live casino games are, nothing quite so visually impressive and technology-advanced can run at the speed of lightning on just any internet connection. There’s a chance you could find your computer runs a tiny bit slower when playing live casino games, but for most people, there’s no issue and you’ll hardly notice a difference.

Play Live Casino Games Online

When you play live casino games, you really do get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Live dealer games offer all the convenience of online gaming along with the thrills of a real casino. Thanks to today’s high-definition live streaming and technology advancements, you’re sure to feel as though you’re sitting at a real table, complete with your presentable and professional real dealer and other players.
All that’s left to do is learn a game, pick a live dealer and immerse yourself in the world of live casino games!