Casino Reload Bonuses

Whether you are new to the world of online casinos or an old hand, online casinos constantly search for new features, promotions and offers to attract both experienced and new players. Any good casino will have exciting offers that reward you for joining as well as when you are playing. Millions of players around the world are making the switch from land-based casinos to the digital world and you can expect plenty of bonuses to get you started.

A reload bonus can be triggered when you first deposit money into your online account and occur throughout your time with a casino when you add funds to your account. The very best reload bonuses happen when you as a player are given a reload bonus for first joining the casino as well as each deposit you make going forward e.g your first, second and third deposits are rewarded with reload bonuses.

They are a great feature to reward new players and those loyal players who have been playing at the casino regularly or across a certain period of time. A casino reload bonus essentially gives you a little bit of extra money to play with and ensures that you remain loyal to the casino and keep playing. They allow you to play more, save money and to not waste time having to find a new casino or game to play.

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Reload bonuses can vary in their forms but essentially they remain very similar. Generally speaking a reload bonus, depending on the casino, is usually a percentage, sometimes between 50% – 150% of the first deposit made at the casino. For example, you may have a minimum deposit (the minimum you need to deposit to be eligible to receive the bonus) of £/€/$10 with a %50 reload bonus. The amount you would receive would be 50% of £/€/$10 = £/€/$5 giving you a total of £/€/$15 in your account. Reload bonuses tend to be associated with slot games and it is not uncommon to see reload bonuses also tied into free spins in casinos that specialise in slots.

Reload bonuses fall under the category of what is known as welcoming bonus (bonuses are given to new players at the casino) and reload bonuses can reward not just the first deposit the player makes but up to their fourth of fifth deposit. Sometimes, as well as being a welcome bonus, reload bonuses can be part of an event or promotion run by the casinos to reward their players. Holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are examples of when casinos typically reward their players with reload bonuses.

How do Casino Reload Bonuses Work?

Let’s keep it simple, usually reload bonuses work in the following way:

  • A player deposits fund into their account (either for the first time or on a regular basis), referred to as reloading
  • The player is rewarded with a reload bonus
  • The reload bonus rewards the player with a percentage of their deposit as a bonus
  • The percentage usually ranges between 50% – 150%
  • The reload bonus gives you more to play with
  • Sometimes reload bonuses get better over time e.g the more regularly you deposit the higher the percentage can become

How to Qualify for a Casino Reload Bonus

Qualifying for a reload bonus varies from casino to casino and it is important that before you sign up to play you understand the terms and conditions and wagering requirements that are needed to be met to access your reload bonus. Usually, a new player can receive a reload bonus as part of a welcome bonus when they sign up at a casino. Other players can also receive reload bonuses at a casino for a few reasons such as heir length of time playing at the casino or the amount deposited at the casino for example. Reload bonuses for existing players are typically given to the most loyal players and reward them on a regular basis for the amount of real money they play. Recently, reload bonuses have started to take the form where players are given a reload bonus simply due to the regularity of their playing. Basically, the more you play, the more you get!

Another way to receive a reload bonus is when a casino may email you. If you haven’t played in a while, the casino may send you a quick email with a reload bonus to encourage you to come and join in the fun, play again and get a reload bonus.

Reload bonuses for regular playing differ, sometimes they can be weekly or monthly or even yearly to celebrate a player’s loyalty to a certain casino.

Terms and Conditions of Casino Reload Bonuses

Terms and conditions of reload bonuses can be different in different casinos. We have created example terms and conditions to help you understand what you might see at a casino.

  • First deposit amount – To qualify for the bonus your deposit must be equal to, or greater than, a certain amount.
  • Sometimes the reload bonus is dependent on a code that needs to be used.
  • Wagering requirements – the player must play the deposit amount and bonus a certain number of times to be able to withdraw bonus funds or winnings.
  • Only bets placed with bonus funds will count towards the wagering requirement
  • The real cash balance must be used before the bonus balance.
  • Maximum Stake – this is the maximum amount allowed per game round
  • Some games may contribute towards the wagering requirements others may contribute less.
  • Bonus is limited to one person per household and per IP address.
  • Location – only available to a player in a certain region
  • Expiry date – the bonus has to be used between a specific dates OR the bonus funds may expire after a set period of time.

Can I cash out your reload bonus?

Some players may think that they are able to withdraw the bonus as soon as it has been added to the account. However, much like other

Can I use the reload bonus on other casino games like poker?

This depends on the conditions set forth by the casino. But in principle, this casino bonus can work on different kinds of games. Just to be sure, check out what kind of reload bonus is offered. Some casinos will specify if the bonus is a poker reload bonus. Also, there are times when the reload bonus will run for a limited time or associated with a specific listing of games or casino tournament.

Is there a difference between the Welcome Bonus offer and the reload bonus?

As mentioned, the reload bonus can be bundled with the welcome offer. But on top of this, keep in mind that the reload bonus is still different from the welcome offer since the reload casino bonus can be enjoyed multiple times, while the casino welcome offer is only given once, upon registration of the account

The Advantages of Reload Bonuses in 2020

The use of a reload bonus is a perfect opportunity for players to increase their bankrolls, and enjoy the casino offerings for a longer period of time. When used the right way, a reload bonus can help a player try more casino games risk-free, and shoot for more casino games jackpots.