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No Wagering Requirements Bonuses

Within the world of online casinos, it seems that most, if not all bonuses are tied down to dreaded wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are a form of terms and conditions that a player must meet in order to cash out on any winnings they receive from things like the free spins of their welcome bonus. These types of wagering requirements vary from casino to casino and game to game, but generally speaking they are linked to the number of times a player must play, the amounts of funds the player has made a deposit with, and other such areas of a game.

Bonuses at first may seem to be a great offer, however, wagering requirements can be incredibly high. What this means is that the player has to part with a rather large sum of money in order to access or receive a type of bonus. Wagering requirements exist because they allow a casino to ‘hedge their bets’ and ensure that they receive a steady stream of operating income. What’s more is that wagering requirements do benefit players as they reward loyalty to a casino as, if a casino were to give out free money with no requirements, they soon would not be able to operate. By rewarding players who regularly play and meet the wagering requirements, casinos are able to build trust with a player and offer regular benefits.

In this article, we will outline all you need to know about no wagering requirement bonuses including what the benefits are and the different forms that no wagering requirement bonuses can take. It’s a staggering thing when online casinos offer up to 30 free plays, 30 free spins, bonus tokens and plays, and more, and all with no wagering requirement. Typically offers involving anything around 50 free spins require rigorous qualifications, but not with these casinos. Players can enjoy up to 100 free spins on games like Book of Dead, and all with a very little deposit to begin staking their bets with.

Why do No Wagering Requirement Bonuses Exist?

As online gaming continues its metamorphosis, both new and existing casinos are forced to find ways to attract new players and keep their existing players both happy and playing regularly. Online casinos are constantly offering bigger bonuses and free spins in a desperate attempt to garner your attention, and get you to join and play regularly. At first glance, these offers and promotions may seem generous. But all too often, however, the bonuses are tied to huge wagering requirements. These strings that are attached are how any given casino can prevent players from just taking the bonus money and running. It’s how the casino mitigates some of the risk that comes with things like 100 free spins, because it is just so likely that a player will win at least a few of them, that the casino wants to ensure that the money stays within circulation.

Luckily, as the market has shifted many best online casinos are starting to offer no wagering requirement bonuses as a way to stand out from the crowd and offer genuine value to their players. Online casinos are beginning to recognize the importance and demand of having low wagering and playthrough requirements. That’s because when online casinos promote welcome bonuses and free spins that come without wagering requirements, people tend to sign up more to them.

And this is certainly within the players’ best interest as well, as at this point staying at an online casino will come down to a top of the line experience. Casinos that give new customers things like 100 free spins just for signing up should focus more on giving them the best experience, rather than tying them down with wagering requirements that essentially nullify the generous welcome bonus. This practice has left new players feeling jaded and subsequently lethargic toward welcome bonuses for too long, and the industry has certainly taken notice.

What are No Wagering Requirement Bonuses?

It’s a bonus that has no wagering requirements associated with it. Almost all casino websites offer large casino bonuses that come with wagering requirements attached to them. Having to meet these requirements takes time and reduces the funds you have when you are finally able to withdraw the bonus. Luckily, no wagering requirements bonus is the opposite. Usually, a non-wagering requirement bonus is not a huge bonus, meaning that everything a player wins is there to keep, and they’ll be able to withdraw their winnings instantly.

This means that once players have met the requirements for a welcome bonus through things like making a first deposit, they’ll be free to enjoy their welcome bonus however they choose. They can use it to play, or they can immediately withdraw it. However, online casinos have rights reserved too, which means that players should be sure to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of every website before just trying to take the welcome bonus and head for the hills.

Typically, when an online casino offers a welcome bonus with no wagering requirement, they’ll be things like 30 free spins, 50 free spins, 100 free spins, or just any general number of free spins on popular titles like Book of Dead. This casino bonus should be enjoyed on wager free games for players that are looking to make their mark and get some real cash in their pockets. Bonus spins, bonus plays, games that are wagering free, and any kind of deposit bonus that comes as a welcome bonus, will certainly come with no wagering requirements if it’s on this list.

What are the Advantages of No Wagering Requirement Bonus?

A free spins no deposit no wager online casino gives players the freedom to enjoy amazing welcome bonuses at no cost or risk to themselves. Casino bonuses have become increasingly popular with players all across the world for this exact reason. As many seek to get more value for their funds and have more control over the games they play, some casinos offer the ultimate way to get the best value for your money. In essence, a no wagering online casino allows new players to take full control of the games they play, and exactly how they play them. None of these new players want to make their first deposit, and then feel trapped within the virtual walls of an online casino. They want to take their welcome bonus to fun new games like Book of Dead, and spin to win.

A no wagering casino promises members that what they win will be theirs to keep. Instead of being bogged down from the things they win from their free spins, the new players will instead be free to take their bonus money and spend it as they choose. If you want to cash out your winnings or simply play more, no wagering requirement casinos give you more options to do what you like with your funds. Often, wagering requirements will be tied to certain terms and conditions around when and how you can withdraw your winnings. These types of casinos do not have this hurdle allowing you to receive what you have won with ease.

Some casinos have requirements that are linked to the games that contribute towards a wagering requirement. This means that you will have to play through games you do not enjoy in order to meet them. With no wagering requirement casinos, you have more freedom to choose the games you want to play and you can play games that you genuinely enjoy like Book of Dead, rather than just titles that count towards wagering requirements.

More often than not at casinos with wagering requirements, you will find that you must play through games or withdraw in a certain period of time. This means that the casino wants you to play as much and as quickly as possible in the hopes that you will not meet the wagering requirements and not receive your bonus. With no wagering requirements casinos you can play when you want and how you want; all without a time-frame that isn’t suited to your play-style. What’s more,

Take your time; your money isn’t chained to demanding wagering requirements that must be met in a hurry. Players can enjoy tons of spins without wagering any mandatory deposit.

Types of No Wagering Bonuses

Whether you prefer to play online slots, traditional table games or just want to have a bit more funds to play with when you join a casino, you will be pleased to know that no wagering casino bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes. We have outlined just a few of the different types of welcome bonuses that new players and new customers at any free spins no deposit no wagering requirements casino can look forward to enjoying. These bonuses include things like no deposit plays and spins, free spins, no wagering requirements, and more.

No wagering requirements really help players that are looking to dive into some fun spins without wagering their hard earned deposit.

Free Spins No Wagering Requirements

Avid poker players will know that casino bonuses can be a highly attractive way to convince them to buck up and sign up to a casino. A Free Spins no wagering requirements casino will often ask for a particular sum of money for the first deposit and give you a certain amount of free spins. These free spins allow players to claim all winnings on their free spins and not have to reach a fixed play through the number to be able to withdraw the bonus.

The numbers grow and vary between the no wagering casino in question; one no wagering casino might offer something like 50 free spins once you deposit 20 of your preferred currency, while another casino might offer a first deposit bonus of 100 bonus spins as soon as you deposit 10 of your preferred currency. Either way, the casino bonus will be worthwhile to players looking to make some real money without wagering any of their own hard-earned cash. As a result, new customers will be free to make the spins they wish on as many free casino games as they would like.

Welcome Bonuses

Nearly every online casino will offer some type of welcome bonus to new players. However, with wagering requirements it becomes clear that the casino wants to make it as tough as they can to withdraw any winnings that are strung to the bonus. Sadly, a lot of players are not aware of the wagering requirements and only discover them when they attempt to withdraw their winnings. Naturally, the resulting emotions are disappointment and frustration. A proper wagering welcome bonus means that the welcome bonuses have no wagering requirements attached to them so anything that you win from the welcome bonus is yours to keep and withdraw.

That is why there are free spins and no wagering casinos, which give new players a chance to enjoy games without making a deposit. These free spins on wagering casinos don’t expect players to make a deposit, and in turn just reward new customers with free spins, bonus spins, and access to all the hottest new casino games that they have available.

Minimum Deposit

Before new players can enjoy 50 free spins at a no wagering requirements online casino, new players and prospective members should be sure to make themselves aware of the terms of the welcome bonus. The online casino will typically try to make it clear that they’ll practically be giving you free money, as long as you deposit 10 or deposit 20 of your preferred currency. It is typically referred to as a minimum deposit when you deposit 10 of your preferred currency.

A minimum deposit is a deposit that new members must complete before they can enjoy the bonus spins and casino bonus games that the casino has to offer. While many online casinos offer their welcome bonuses with no deposit required, most of the time the casino will require some form of a minimum deposit. Once players have met the minimum deposit, they’ll often be rewarded with a deposit bonus. These deposit bonuses

But not all online casinos require a minimum deposit. Some online casinos allow players to access things like 100 bonus spins without wagering any of their own hard earned money. This is called a no minimum deposit welcome bonus, and is the defining characteristic of a free spins no wagering casino, as new players will receive free spins and bonus spins without ever having to make a deposit in the first place.

Free spins no wagering casinos are a new casino all on their own, and give players the chance at more free spins and bonus spins with very little collateral. And what’s not to like about 50 free spins, or 100 bonus spins, or any variety of free bonus spins, as an added casino bonus? This is what makes a wagering free casino so spectacular for new players, and keeps the free spins coming!

No deposit no wagering requirement bonuses

These are one of the rarest forms of no wagering requirement bonuses and are only offered by a select number of casinos. No deposit bonuses are a very popular way to explore and test out a new casino or new games with free spins, and all while not having to use any of your own funds. In most casinos, these no deposit bonuses tend to come with very high wagering requirements that negate the perceived benefits they offer.

Much like no wagering requirements welcome bonuses, no wagering requirements no deposit bonuses let you keep what you win from the bonus and allow you to withdraw when you want. While this bonus is considered the Holy Grail of bonuses, they usually have certain limits in place in regards to the maximum amount you can win from the bonus.

No Wagering Bonuses for VIPs and as Part of Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes are attractive to players as they reward the player for the length of time they have been with a casino and encourage you to keep playing in order to receive more loyalty promotions and offers. Within no wagering requirements bonuses, there are many types of loyalty schemes such as:

  • Rising up the levels – Usually, you will be able to earn cash, extra spins with no wagering requirements, free big sum spins (e.g a spin that is worth more than a normal spin) the more you play at the casino and rise up the levels.
  • Random wheel spin bonuses – The more you play at a casino the more promotions you unlock. One such promotion can be wager free spins on a big wheel. The more you play at the casino the more opportunity you get to play this kind of promotion.
  • In house points system – some casinos let you but the in house currency that is used and reward you with special events or no wager spins.
  • Cashback: get a no wager cashback bonus from your net losses.

No wagering bonuses for returning players at online casinos

No wagering bonuses aren’t just for new players. If you already have an account with this type of casino, then there is a good chance that you could be entitled to a type of bonus if you come back and play. Have you ever started at a casino and got bored? Maybe you ran out of free spins, and were forced to make a deposit? Or maybe you just haven’t played in a while, and are finding it challenging to get back into the swing of things? Well, as an incentive to players who have started to play and need a bit of encouragement to start playing again, no wagering requirements are an attractive way to rejoin the casino. Oftentimes there are tremendous bonuses and free spins for players to help get them back on the horse. Terms and Conditions of No Wagering Casino Bonuses will apply, however.

All in all, these types of casino bonuses are one of the best ways for both new and existing players to enjoy their games and spins without being tied down to prohibitive wagering requirements. Whilst the bonuses and promotions on offer may not be the biggest, the speed of withdrawal of your winnings, lack of having to play through games a certain number of times or be tied to a time frame represent true value for many players and remain a highly attractive offer for players looking to get the most for their money. It certainly doesn’t hurt that these features offer players more control in how they play, too.


Each of these casinos offers the best security available within the online casino industry, and that’s a promising feature. We know better than to just see an online casino for the lavish welcome bonuses and free spins that they promise, because we know that the real value in a casino lies in a strong loyalty program. And who would be loyal to a casino that can’t even secure their information? Sure, promise me things like a million free spins after I deposit 10 euros, for example, but what good is it if I take a huge risk just by joining the casino with all of my personal data?

That’s why all of these no wagering requirements casinos have best-in-class security to ensure player data is absolutely protected. Using the best encryption methods available, each of these no wagering deposit casinos promises to give members peace of mind while they seek to strike it big. Players can securely get started without wagering their deposit at all, and all the spins and wins that come with it.

Loyalty & Partnerships

The real bonus of any online casino comes from a strong loyalty program. What good would a casino be if they didn’t offer any bonus spins and free plays and spins after the enticing no wagering requirement? If all of them did that, then players would feel bamboozled, and just take the easy money on to the next best online casino with the same “free spins no wagering requirements” promise. Any casino in the online casino industry offering a great welcome bonus knows this too, which is exactly why they have a bevvy of free spins and bonus plays and spins just waiting for players who stay on after the welcome bonus.

These casinos have invested a tremendous amount of money to ensure that players who love the wagering free lifestyle will have plenty left to sink their teeth into once the thrill of a welcome bonus has been played through. That’s why wager free casinos often have some of the best partnerships in the industry with companies like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech, to name a few, who provide the best software in the industry. These software giants are also releasing new games all of the time, and want to make sure that people get the chance to play their games.

That’s why no wagering requirements at casinos are hot right now, as they offer a unique format featuring things like 50 free spins, 100 bonus plays and spins, and just all around free access to the greatest new casino games that these software giants are always working on and releasing. It’s an added advantage to these software developers, as the free plays and spins often help them test the games and work out any kinks in them, and without risking any deposit from a good player such as yourself.

But even still, people win with free spins and bonus plays all of the time, which is exactly why these casinos have made sure to give players plenty of chances at even more free spins and free plays through their loyalty programs. The fun is just beginning at these zero wagering requirements casinos, and players can look forward to having more fun with tons of amazing new titles as their tenure grows within the casino they’ve chosen to hang their hat and hedge their bet in.

The Fine Print

As previously mentioned, each of these casinos has their rights reserved when it comes to how they treat their members. The terms and conditions will always outline what does and doesn’t constitute fair play for both the player and the casino. While many of these casinos require no deposit at all whatsoever, there are still sometimes things to watch for when it comes to collecting winnings from free spins and bonus spins.

That’s why we recommend that players take some time to read the fine print, just in case they have some huge plan in mind to collect a series of the biggest free bonuses from all of the most generous welcome bonuses at the casinos. Sometimes the best thing about an online casino is the deposit bonus that comes after players have made their first deposit. Sometimes all players have to do is deposit 10 of their preferred currency, and they’ll be awarded with generous things like 50 free spins, or a deposit bonus that matches their initial deposit.

Either way, players looking to get the most out of their experience should definitely familiarize themselves with the rights reserved by the casino, and make sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck at the new casino. Then they can focus on free spins and bonuses without wagering any sort of deposit along the way.

The Verdict

There truly is a slew of new online casinos cropping up all over the world today, and each of them is just dying to get you to play there. With so many online casinos promising to give you the best new games with little to no deposits involved, most bonus spins and bonus plays, and offering things like no wagering requirements and huge deposit bonuses, it’s no wonder people are having a hard time finding something they feel will fit their needs. Each new casino promises to give players exactly what they want like unlimited bonuses, free spins, and a huge deposit bonus after a successful first deposit.

But no wagering requirements seems to be the absolute king these days in what makes a strong online casino last long in this ever-changing online industry. This list certainly encompasses the best variety of no wager requirement online casinos, complete with the most free spins, free plays, and low deposit thresholds to keep players head’s spinning well into their tenure. We understand consumer trends, because we ourselves are consumers. This comprehensive list of wager free online casinos promises to give players some of the biggest wins of their lifetimes.