Minimum Deposit Bonus Casinos

Navigating the world of online casinos can sometimes be confusing. The choices are nearly endless, and come with many similar sounding types of welcome bonuses.  

Bonus options include: 

  • no deposit casino bonuses  
  • no first deposit casino bonuses 
  • minimum deposit casino bonuses  
  • matching welcome bonus 

Here’s a certain neon sticker shock that comes with the whole experience as well; something that leaves you bedazzled and excited to jump straight into the world of free spins, generous welcome bonuses, and more.

With so many online casinos to choose from, it’s fairly common for people to find themselves suffering from that neon sticker shock. A casino bonus by its very nature is meant to entice players into joining. Often times they’ll offer things like free spins, or a very low welcome deposit amount (min deposit).

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Minimum deposit bonuses are not to be overlooked and casinos that offer these options are true gems. With minimum deposit casinos, you have the opportunity to stay entertained while making small deposits. For more information about minimum deposit bonus casinos read our full guide below.

What is a Minimum Deposit Casino Bonus?

A min deposit bonus is a type of bonus that is given as a welcome bonus to new players who register and create a new account at a casino. They are part of what is known as welcome bonuses – literally, they welcome you into a casino. Gambling veterans of the brick and mortar variety will note that welcome bonuses are not something you’ll typically find in a place like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo; no, they’re exclusive to the online gambling industry, and are in fact exactly what sets online casinos apart from their brick and mortar cousins.

A minimum deposit casino is also referred to as a low deposit casino where you can make deposits that can be as small as £/€/$1. The deposit amounts required for bonus redemption at minimum deposit casinos are often smaller.  

Keep in mind that minimum deposit casino bonuses are still subject to casino terms such as wagering requirements.

Minimum Deposit Welcome Offers 

Throughout the online casino industry, there are many types of welcome bonuses. Each has their own benefits and suits particular players but, in this guide, we will focus on what a minimum deposit bonus is, how they work and explain all you need to know about them.  

As the name suggests, a minimum deposit bonus is associated with making a minimum deposit at a certain casino when you first sign up or register to play. It is important to think of minimum deposit bonuses as a type of bonus that is tied to another bonus e.g deposit a minimum of £/€/$10 and receive another bonus on top.  

Once the first deposit has been completed, new customers will get a slew of bonus spins, bonus money, free spins, along with all other kinds of bonus gifts. However, terms and conditions will apply to that first deposit that may make it difficult for players to get any winnings associated with the bonus money, or any bonus winnings associated with the bonus spins and free plays. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the fine print in the terms and conditions section of your preferred min deposit casino. 

How do Minimum Deposit Bonuses Work at Online Casinos? 

Min deposit bonuses work exactly how you may think they do. In order to be eligible for a bonus, the player must deposit a minimum amount required by the casino. The majority, if not all, of the min deposit online casino bonuses, are part of a welcome bonus and are normally reserved for new players who sign up to a casino.  

Min deposit bonuses work in the following way: 

  1. A player must deposit the minimum stated in the offer e.g £/€/$5 
  2. A Player signs up to the casino and deposits the required £/€/$5 
  3. Player will receive a second type of bonus in conjunction with the minimum deposit bonuses 

As mentioned before, a player may have to deposit 1, deposit 5, or deposit 10 euros/pounds worth of their preferred currency. It will depend entirely on the online casino the new customers have chosen.  

Minimum Deposit bonuses are a great way to trigger various other bonuses that are associated with signing up with a new casino. Across the World, more players than ever are looking to play online. As such, online casinos want to lure players away from bricks and mortar casinos and attract more players. 

Minimum deposit bonuses are just one way online casinos work to bring in new players and get them playing the top games. Think of welcome bonuses as an incentive from the casino to encourage you to sign up, play your favourite games and win big. 

Payment Methods at Minimum Deposit Casinos 

As technology ever increases in all aspects of our lives, online casinos are no exception. Many online casinos offer a great variety of payment options and methods that are available to players who want to use minimum deposit casinos. The chance to try out games and offers at casinos at their level of preference. 

When you deposit at an online casino you want to make sure you find a payment method that allows you to avoid transaction charges and high minimum deposits. Most regulated casinos will have a set minimum deposit amount which often ranges between £/€/$10 and £/€/$25.  

Some banking options you can choose from: 

  • Cash Deposit Options – PayNearMe 
  • Electronic Wallets -PayPal, Neteller and Skrill 
  • Online Banking 
  • Credit and Debit Cards: Visa or MasterCard 
  • Cheque 
  • ACH Transfer 

Many online payment options are available for players who want to make low $/£/€5 deposits to a casino. E-wallets can be one of the best options for these low deposits. This is because due to the amount being small, you may incur a charge on a credit card which would be disproportionate to the amount deposited. 

 If the casino that you are playing at does not give you e-wallet payment options then use a money order, bank transfer or any other option that the casino offers to make your low deposit payments. 

Types of Minimum Deposit Bonuses 

Within Minimum Deposit Bonuses there are a variety of other bonuses that are tied into the initial offer. Often, when you see a minimum deposit bonus, it will be attached to some other form of a bonus.  

This makes minimum deposit bonuses not only one of the most common forms of bonuses within the online casino industry but also a very useful way for players both to use their funds more wisely (you don’t have to deposit that much to play), get more bang for their buck (they are tied to other bonuses) and a way to try out new games and receive bonuses without having to deposit a big sum to start. 

Min deposit bonuses also go well beyond just a few free spins and bonus spins. Oftentimes players will also be given free plays on the hottest new slots, so they can enjoy all of the spins on all of the hottest games they could ask for. Other times a casino will give players the chance to enjoy a slew of free spins at another online casino that’s a partner of the original online casino.  

This gives players the chance to enjoy free spins and bonus spins on a variety of online casinos. Just be sure you understand the wagering requirements, however as it’s easy to get lost in the bonus spins that’ll keep your head spinning. 

Free Spins, Minimum Deposit Bonuses, and Max Bonus 

Naturally, anyone looking to take advantage of a minimum deposit casino bonus will want to ensure they’re in for a fun treat when it comes to the gaming side of things. Typically, once players meet the min deposit amount required, they’ll be given things like 100 bonus plays, or a bonus 100 free spins.  

Oftentimes there is also a max bonus on the amount that a casino will match. A max bonus means that players will receive their welcome bonus up to a certain amount. For example, if a casino says they’ll match a min deposit casino bonus up to $/£/€20, then that would be the max bonus. 

But people join an online casino to get straight into the world of free spins, typically. For fans of slot machines, you will be happy to know that free spins and min deposit bonuses are commonplace. Min deposit bonuses help bring new players to new casinos with promises of free spins, bonus spins, and other great bonus offers.  

What makes the free spins so attractive when used with minimum deposit bonuses is that you essentially get more time to play, and can play for free all without having to spend too much money. The advantage of using a minimum deposit bonus in conjunction with a free spins offer means that you can enjoy or try our new games before you decide to commit to the casino. For some casinos, the minimum offer bonus could even be as low as $/£/€1 meaning that for great value you can get playing and be rewarded by the casino for doing so. 

So once new customers have finished registration, and have met the min deposit requirement with 1 deposit that meets the 1 minimum deposit threshold, they’ll be free to enjoy a welcome bonus like 100 bonus spins, among other free plays and bonus spins. 

What are the Advantages of a Minimum Deposit Casino? 

Minimum deposit bonuses let you play for longer, boosting your chance to win big, and let you do so without having to part with lots of funds. Some bonuses simply aren’t worth it for players and usually, these types of bonuses are linked to unfair wagering requirements that make it hard to win big and require you to play a considerable number of times before you are even eligible to receive your funds. 

Here’s why we recommend Minimum deposit bonuses: 

  • If you are low on funds, you get more for your money 
  • Usually available and offered at all major online casinos 
  • Available in many, if not all of, the top games 
  • Tied to other bonuses – a good way to get even more for your money 
  • Can manage your funds more easily 
  • Allow you to take advantage of generous welcome bonuses 
  • Minimum deposit casinos are easy to join 
  • There are a range of fast and effective payment methods 

Minimum deposits shouldn’t be a barrier to entry when it comes to playing fun games, and enjoying welcome bonuses like free spins, free plays, and bonus games. That’s why minimum deposits have been minimized, so players can get to what they do best! 

The Most Important Minimum Deposit T&C’s to Know

Each online casino comes with terms and conditions which are there not just to protect the casino but you as a player too. With every bonus available you can expect that there will be a number of terms and conditions to look out for. And while free rewards may flow generously there are almost always fine print linked to these gifts.  

The most important minimum deposit casino bonus terms and conditions include: 

  • Wagering requirements must be met before any bonus funds can be withdrawn. 
  • All games at the casino will have different contributions to the wagering requirements (theses are available in the casino terms and conditions).  
  • The bonus winnings will be subject to a maximum withdrawal limit to ensure the casino’s financial stability.  
  • Additional verification documentation may be requested before any bonus funds or withdrawals are granted to any player.  

It’s vital to read the fine print no matter how tedious a task it might be. To ensure you avoid disappointment at a later stage be sure to read the terms so you are aware of what is expected of you.  

Why use Minimum Deposit Bonuses? 

A min deposit casino bonus offers players a valuable avenue to play with low stake strategies and who would otherwise not play a certain game or at a certain casino because the price to register and start playing may have been too high. 

The Best 5 Min Deposit Casinos Online 

As we mentioned above, minimum deposit casinos are great for those that wish to deposit small amounts whilst getting the full casino experience. From as little as an initial $/£/€5 minimum deposit you will get full access to any online casino, receive a modest minimum deposit bonus and your free spins. A large number of the casinos we have on this page will have a minimum deposit of just $/£/€5. You will not be playing on the high roller tables or become a VIP with a deposit of $/£/€5 but you will be able to play on low stakes, low-risk games, still providing you with hours of entertainment. Now have a quick look before you deposit as some casinos will require a $/£/€10 minimum deposit so be best to check before depositing. 

Different types of Minimum Deposit Bonus Casinos: 

  • $/£/€1 Minimum Deposit Casino: These casinos will allow you to make deposits from as little as $/£/€1. They are not as common as other minimum deposit casinos.  
  • $/£/€5 Minimum Deposit Casino: These are some of the most popular minimum deposit casinos you will find online. If you’re looking to start out with real money gameplay then these are the perfect place to start.  
  • $/£/€10 Minimum Deposit Casino: Most will regard these as high deposit casinos compared to other low/ minimum deposit casinos. Nevertheless, these casinos do offer you the opportunity to play the best range of games at lower deposit options.   

Play Slots Online With a $/£/€5 Min Deposit 

Low stakes and low risk? Online slots are perfect to make your $/£/€15 deposit go far at your chosen online casino.  

Playing with as little as $/£/€0.05 and $/£/€0.10 per spin, you can play for hours at online slots titles with your $/£/€5 minimum deposit whilst still maintaining your budget.  

Moving around different slots titles is also possible to find your best game online. Most of the online slots’ providers will give an offer; deposit $/£/€5 get $/£/€20 free slots. 

Use your 5 Min Deposit to Win Huge Jackpots 

You can still be one of the lucky ones and win life-changing amounts of money with your $/£/€5 minimum deposit. Progressive jackpots such as Mega Moolah’s jackpot can be won from a small deposit or low stake. The average payout of this famous game is £7.2 million, not bad for a £5 minimum deposit!! 


Min deposit casinos offer an exciting selection of casino games, bonus features, and free spins for new customers that are looking to begin their online casino journey without wagering much.  

Some min deposit casinos offer new players the chance to make a deposit of $/£/€11, and from there they’ll be free to enjoy all the bonus spins and free plays that they want. The only question, however, is the wagering requirement. 

The best things in life are free they say, and free spins do certainly go a long way. Free spins that come when new customers make their first deposit will usually net some winnings, and new customers may be eager to take that money and get it into their pockets as fast as possible.  

So new customers looking to strike it big should ensure that they’ve read and understand all of the casino’s terms and conditions before accepting any offers. If new customers are certain that the wagering requirement is something, they can meet, then the min deposit amount should be worthwhile.

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