High Roller Bonus

High Roller Bonuses

Introduction to High Roller Bonuses?

Online casinos offer a great variety of ways to play for players of all game tastes, budgets and preferences to play online and win big. One thing that can be fairly common online is that there are many bonuses and promotions that are mainly targeted towards players who may be on a tighter budget. No deposit bonus, no deposit free spins are heavily pushed to try and attract players who are looking to play without spending too much. These bonuses can be an excellent way to get used to playing online, at a particular casino or even a particular game but they may not attract players who are looking for bigger stakes and bigger rewards. Many players may get to a stage where they are doing very well, winning regularly and perfecting their strategy. At some point, they may feel like they have outgrown the world of low stakes and low prize levels that are on offer at the casinos and want to start looking at other options that match their online ambition.

In this article, we will outline what high roller bonuses are, how to qualify for high roller bonuses and everything you need to know about one of the most exciting and high stakes ways to play at an online casino.

VIPs vs High Rollers- What’s the difference?

Essentially, a high roller and a VIP at an online casino are almost the same things. Whilst the two terms are distinct, it is important to understand that they are nearly interchangeable and, depending on their context, can be used to both describe a similar set of bonuses, rules, games and terms and conditions. Often, a high roller is used to describe a player who is able to deposit and play with large sums at a certain time. Similarly, a VIP player may also refer to this concept. There is one important distinction, however, a VIP at an online casino may not also be a high roller. Some online casinos have specific criteria that are linked to VIP players that may not take into account the types of funds they play with. As always, when looking for high roller bonuses, we recommend that you fully read and understand the terms and conditions associated with any particular bonus.

What are High Roller Bonuses?

A high roller bonus is normally awarded to online casino players who are able to deposit large amounts of money in their accounts and use this money to play with. At online casinos, high roller bonuses usually take the form of a match deposit bonus. A match deposit bonus is where a casino will match the deposit or a certain percentage or value of the deposit and are normally given to players when they open their account although they may also be matched when the player adds more funds or deposits a certain number of times at the same casino. However, the main difference between a normal match bonus and a high roller bonus is that a high roller deposit bonus is associated with higher sums of money deposited. A high roller deposit match bonus gives the player more money to play with and the return value is much higher. E.g a normal deposit match bonus may be matching a £/€/$20 deposit. A high roller version of this would be matching a £/€/$1000 deposit upwards.

It is important to understand that a high roller bonus is not one specific type of bonus, after all, each casino wants to offers something unique from their competitors.

How to qualify for High Roller Bonuses?

Online casinos have certain requirements in order to qualify as a VIP or as a high roller. To qualify for a high roller the player usually has to deposit a large sum of money and have access to similar sums throughout their playtime. The more you deposit, the greater the rewards and offers and all casinos like to welcome their high rolling players and offer them additional incentives and bonuses to stay with the casino.

Examples of High Roller Bonuses

Online casinos have some great high stake bonuses on offer and often use these as a way to encourage new and existing players to make big deposits. If we examine the current online offerings, the general figure that is associated as a minimum deposit for these bonuses usually is around £/€/$1,000 for each deposit. Some of the bonuses associated with attracting high rollers and VIPs can be:

If you deposit £/€/$1,000 the casino will match you. This would give you a total of £/€/$1,000 subjects to the offer’s terms and conditions. Or deposit a certain amount and receive more. E.g Deposit £1,000 and receive an additional £/€/$1,500 to play with. This may also take the form of a reload bonus where the player gets the benefits of a similar offer each time they deposit a certain sum. E.g each time a player deposits £/€/$1,000 they receive £/€/$1,000. Make four deposits and you, essentially, have an additional £/€/$4,000 in funds to play with.

Deposit more and get more - The Advantages of High Roller Bonuses

High Roller casino games offer incredible promotions and bonuses for those players who wish to play with large deposits and funds. Players who qualify as a high roller will usually be able to use a VIP room that most online casinos have in place for their big money games. In the world of the high roller and the VIP suite, you will find like-minded players who are usually of a higher skill level and have access to large funds to play with. VIP rooms offer exciting action, huge bonuses and high stakes. The perfect way to take your game to another level.

If you qualify as a high roller with an online casino, you will often be assigned your own VIP manager who will list to your complaints, gift you with high roller bonuses and even sometimes an actual gift. Other benefits of being a high roller at a casino, and making those high roller deposits, include being able to withdraw funds more quickly, cashback offers, tickets to exclusive events and plenty of promotions and entertainment.

Finding High Roller Bonuses

As we have seen, usually speaking casinos that offer no deposit free spins and welcome spins tend to offer No deposit free spins and welcome spins, in general, tend to have a very low-value figure required to play (normally just 10p/c or 20p/c per spin). On top of the low cost, these casinos also can have very high wagering requirements that put off players who are looking to acquire high roller bonuses and benefits. Some of these bonuses may not even be tailored to the types of games that high rollers want to play and in terms of wanting to get bigger bonuses - these standard casinos often have a limit on the number of funds that can be deposited, and how much a casino can match.

This is where high roller bonuses come into play. We are proud to offer a selection of the very best high roller bonuses around that welcomes players that are looking for more excitement and bigger wins both as well as a greater online experience. All of our high roller online casinos offer an exclusive array of bonuses that cater to the needs, tastes and preferences of our high roller players. Simply find the game that you wish to play, look how the offer fits in with your budget and strategy, sign up and start playing big. In addition to these fabulous bonuses and promotions, most casinos will want you to be part of their VIP experience and reward you with dazzling experiences and gifts.

Tips for High Rollers

Once you have qualified for your High Roller Bonus we are sure you want to make the most of it and put yourself in a position to win as much as you can. High rollers usually will place bets in excess of over £/€/$50 per spin meaning that the maximum win potential is enormous. For example, imagine you land on a 15x multiplier during a free spins round with a £/€/$100 bet coupled with hitting a good symbol combination? You could easily start to pull in figures that may make your eyes water!

Winning big is always attractive and we want our high rollers to have the best experience possible. We always recommend, in anticipation of your big win, that you follow the tips below to be able to play at leisure and access your winnings.

  1. When you win big, make sure you screenshot the image or take a photo. Whilst all good online casinos are regulated, it is important to document your win (even if it is just to brag to your friends about) should any dispute arise with the casino.
  2. Some casinos only allow you to withdraw via the same payment method that you used to deposit at the casino. E.g you deposited by your bank you would need to withdraw into a bank. The account must be in your name as well.
  3. Check the withdrawal limit at the casino you are playing with. If the casino has a withdrawal limit of £/€/$500-£/€/$1,000 and you are winning far in excess of this it will take you weeks to withdraw your winnings and you may even incur a fee to do so.
  4. Check the terms and conditions! This, without a doubt, is the biggest piece of advice we can give. Make sure you fully understand if there are caps on winnings, withdrawal limits, payments methods. You name it - it will be in the Tcs and Cs.

There we have it, High Roller Bonuses explained. If you are looking for the best bonuses for high rollers then our carefully selected range of casinos and offers can help you to turn bug stakes into big wins. Each of our casinos is reviewed by our industry-leading experts who only recommend the very best for our players.

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