First Deposit Bonus

What is a first deposit bonus?

Bonuses exist in all shapes and sizes and nearly every online casino offers a form of a welcome bonus. Each casino wants to attract new players and a great way to entice players is with bonuses. In this article, we examine what is known as a first deposit bonus and give you all you need to know about first deposit bonuses.

Firstly, it is important to understand what a first deposit bonus is. A first deposit bonus is a bonus that new customers are given on most online casinos websites when they make their first deposit. You are only allowed to claim a first deposit bonus once whenever you sign up to a new casino. These bonuses are not limited to one type of game and commonly appear across, and are not limited to we happily add poker, slots and roulette. Many first deposit bonuses are in the form of monetary bonuses which will be the form of a deposit match. Casinos will offer 100%, 200% or even up to 500% deposit match. For example, if you sign up as a new customer to a site and deposit £/$/€250 the site may give you a £/$/€500 bonus as a gift for joining. Usually, there are rules in place attached to the bonus the casino gives which we will explain in greater detail later on in this page.

What are the advantages of first deposit bonuses?

Making a deposit in order to get your bonus has some great advantages. Principally, with free money and anything up to 500% deposit match bonuses you get more money to play with and thus have a greater chance to win. Doubling or tripling your money from your first deposit bonus will give you a bigger pot than your competitors on the table games, for instance, allowing you to be more aggressive in your play. Or alternatively, you will have a large pot of real money to play on online slots games. Secondly, other variants of free deposit bonuses such as free spins or credit bonus, again give you the chance to win because you can play more, and essentially for free. Finally, with free money and deposit match bonuses, you get to play with the money from the casino and not have to worry about risking your own money.

Are first deposit bonuses free?

Generally speaking most, if not all, first deposit bonuses are free! That’s what makes first deposit bonuses so appealing to players across the world because you get given free money to play with. Getting free money from a casino is a great way to play more as you are not tied to risking or losing your own money which nobody enjoys. Whatsmore, you can use this extra cash to try different games and strategies to find the right fit for you and your playing style. Whilst, the money may be free to play with, more often than not there is a wagering requirement that must be fulfilled before you are able to withdraw the money. Essentially, this means that you wouldn’t be able to sign up for a new casino, receive a first deposit bonus and withdraw it immediately. Wagering requirement can come in many forms, for example, you can only cash out if you have played x amount of games.

Examples of first deposit bonuses at online casinos

Understanding first deposit bonuses can be tricky so here are two examples of first deposit bonuses:

A casino that offers a 100% up to £/$/€300 bonus

What does the 100% refer to? This means that the casino will equal 100% the amount that you deposit. E.g deposit £/$/€50 and get another £/$/€50 extra as bonus money. “Up to £/$/€300” means that the amount that the bonus will not exceed £/$/€300. E.g if you deposit £/$/€400 the casino would not match that.

A casino that offers a 200% up to £/$/€300 bonus

In our second example the 200% up to £/$/€300 works on almost the same principle as our first example. However, the 200% means that if you deposit £/$/€50 you will receive a bonus from the casino of £/$/€100. Again, the maximum you could deposit in this example and receive the bonus would be £/$/€300.


How do I access my first deposit bonus?

Accessing a first deposit bonus, you will be glad to hear, is reasonably straightforward. Casinos want you to enjoy their range of games and have the best experience possible so they make accessing your first deposit bonus as simple as possible for you. Each online casino will vary slightly, of course, but generally speaking when you register with the site you will already be presented with the first deposit bonus options.

What are the different types of first deposit bonuses?

There a variety of different types of first deposit bonuses depending on the casino and the particular game that you are looking to play. Make sure that you check your favourite websites often as casino sites regularly add new casinos to play on and usually these new casinos have great first deposit bonuses and amazing games to attract new players.

Free Spins

A free spins first deposit bonus is exactly as the name suggests: a certain amount of free spins tied to your first deposit bonus. For example, you could receive 100 free spins from a casino for your first deposit.

Free Money

A free money first deposit bonus is one of the most popular types of first deposit bonuses. You are given free money to play at the casino saving you from using your own money and allowing you to increase your budget and chances of winning.

Deposit match bonus

A deposit match bonus is when the casino matches your deposit. For example, if the deposit match bonus is 100% and you deposit £/$/€50 you will have £/$/€100 to play with. As we previously mentioned, sometimes the deposit match bonuses can be more than 100% which again is a great way to boost your budget.

Free Credits

Free credits are another type of first deposit bonuses. What makes free credits particularly appealing to players is that they are not tied to a particular game and usually can be used across a variety of games.

What is a wagering requirement?

If you are new to the world of online casinos it is important to understand a very common feature that is linked to bonuses called a wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is a figure that represents the number of times you have to play through a game before you are able to access your bonus and withdraw any winnings. Wagering requirements are popular across many bonuses especially with free money and match bonuses.

Restrictions and Wagering requirements of first deposit bonuses

A wagering requirement is a great way to help players but also help the casino to stay in business and to provide entertainment or its players. If we take a free money match bonus as an example we can understand how wagering requirements work within first deposit bonuses. The player is given free money to play arrangement, which can only be used in the casino and the player has to play a certain number of times before the money can be withdrawn. If a player receives £/$/€5 as a first deposit bonus and the wagering requirement is set at 10x, this means that the player must play £/$/€50 before it can be withdrawn. We always advise that when you are looking to play at a new online casino that you always check the wagering requirements linked to the bonuses that you wish to access.

Are first deposit bonuses in my main wallet or account?

Different casinos use different approaches to displaying and storing free money and matching first deposit bonuses in the player’s accounts. Some casinos, for example, will keep a separate wallet that will store the casino bonuses on top of the player’s main account that shows the real cash funds. What we like about this approach is that it makes it easier for the player to see if the bonus is able to be withdrawn as often there will be an indicator of when the bonus can be withdrawn. Some casinos will directly credit the bonus to the main wallet or account of the player.

How to start getting first deposit bonuses?

To get the best out of any casino we suggest that you look at the great deals around. Remember, casinos want you to play and they will often tempt new players with great lucrative offers and promising first deposit bonuses. We rank our casinos in terms of their reputation and bonuses gives you all the information you need to know about the casino and helps you to make an informed decision about where you will play.

First deposit bonuses are designed for players and casino enthusiasts, and we recommend that you play the system and sign up to new casinos offering great first deposit bonuses. As we have mentioned, remember that these bonuses apply to a great range of casino games from slots and poker to classic table games and allow you to experience a more exciting way to play online.

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