Online Casino Cash Back Bonus

What is a casino cashback bonus?

You have certainly heard this term in your everyday lives with numerous store cards and even credit cards with simple purchases. It is now getting more and more popular with the newest online casinos. Casino cashback is the bonus that allows you to get back a percentage of your losses if you are down on your luck, sometimes ranging from 5-25% depending on the online casino in question. Or alternatively, it can be in the form of a refund on the bonus money you have received upon sign up or deposit bonus. Again with the bonus terms, they are usually linked to wagering requirements. You are no loser if you sign up to this kind of bonus as you would have probably met your wagering requirements so any cash back or refunds are certainly welcome!

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There are some things that are important to remember before you jump head first and sign up. If it is a cashback bonus you are hoping to opt-into, you have to clearly state this before you begin to play. However, make sure you don’t panic, it is extremely easy to do so, simply register this request when you create your account by simply ticking the box next to where you choose how you want your money paid out. It’s important that you do not miss this because you will not get this cash back bonus if you do not look for it. If you cannot find the cash back information easily, reach out to the online casino support and ask the question.

Should you always choose casino sites with cashback?

We recommend that your choice of which casino to play is not determined by which online casinos offer cashback or not. There are many good online casinos that maintain the highest quality but do not offer this particular sort of bonus. To find out if the casino you have in mind offers this or is not, you can search list of online casinos offering cashback below. You may find that some online casinos can offer cashback bonuses which are not in fact real cash back but ‘credit’ to play with other games, which still is no bad thing but make sure to be aware of the exact type of cash back bonus the casino is offering before you opt in like you would with any other casino bonus.

Overall it’s important to find out if the casino you’re researching is fair and secure, we offer an in-depth review on each casino we have listed on our site in order to answer any questions you may have in relation to any aspect of the casino or the gaming industry as a whole. While there are gaming sites that promise you will get money back but then come with several different rules that you previously had no idea about, our reviews and casino background checks aim to give you all this information to avoid any nasty surprises by having to pay the money you thought was yours. If you fancy, you can check out our casino reviews or state of the art filtering system to see what casino works best to satisfy your gaming needs

Limited Time Cash Back Offer

As with most bonuses and offers, they do not stay around forever. Most online casinos will force you to use this cash back within a certain time period of receiving the money. This limited time offer should not put pressure on you to use it as it is usually over a week. Often, casinos only offer this bonus during your first week at the casino. Please note, that if you do not start playing with real money right after you register, you might lose the opportunity to get your money back. However, if you are quick enough to opt into this and make the most of the free money, you may also be offered a welcome bonus that applies as money even before you make your first deposit. For the new casino players, the cash back offer usually comes when you are unfortunate to lose your deposit in that they will refund a % of your losses. Don’t expect the percentages of the welcome bonuses but 10% back on your losses is still a good result. There will be however a maximum amount the casino will give you as cash back over a certain time period. Again this differs between casino to casino and will be calculated over a day, week or even a month and returned to you at the end of that time period.

Do I Have to be a New Player to Receive a Casino Cash Back Bonus?

No is the simple answer. Many online casinos will give you cash back in the form of real money should you enter into the casino VIP programs that they all provide. You will tend to find that the casinos will be more generous with their cash back offers to their VIP players due to the loyalty that these players have shown to their casinos.

Top Up Bonus (Reload Bonus) or Cash Back Bonus?

A reload bonus is the complete reverse of a cash back bonus and we go into more detail on our reload bonus page. Here you will get extra bonus cash as an added extra to your winnings. This as the same as a cash back bonus is calculated as a percentage of your actual winnings over a designated time period. Normally you will find the percentages on offer of the top up bonus lower than the cash back bonuses that the online casinos will offer.

Is a Cash Back Bonus Available on all Games?

First of all, cash back bonus is not guaranteed on every online casino that you come across on this and many other websites. So you would have to check if the casino offers this as part of their bonus packages. They should apply the cash back feature across all games whether it be poker, blackjack or your favourite online slot game. Once again, make sure to read the terms and conditions surrounding the bonus schemes.