Online Casino Cash Back Bonus

What is a casino cashback bonus?

Bonuses are a great way for casinos to show their gratitude to loyal players who continue to deposit and play. It encourages players to keep making deposits while reaping the benefits of such actions. Each casino will have its own range of bonuses and promotions to offer depending on their target market and the strategy used to attract players.  

One of the biggest bonus lures at any online casino is a cashback bonus which statistics have shown tends to attract many online gaming enthusiasts. This bonus is often given as either cash or casino credits.  

With these types of bonuses, there is almost always a range of terms and conditions that have to be met. The good news is that while you can expect certain limitations and rules on these cashbacks, they are almost always free from wagering requirements. Meaning any wins, you make from them are yours to keep.

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What is a casino cashback bonus?

A cashback bonus is in essence a reward system that is available at many online casinos. This type of bonus allows you to get back a percentage of your losses if you are down on your luck, sometimes ranging from 5-25% depending on the online casino in question. This type of bonus can be awarded to players weekly or every other week. Cashback bonuses will be paid out as cash or credits depending on the casino.

With a cashback bonus, the amount you spend per month will determine the amount of cashback rewards you stand to receive. The idea is that the more money you play at the casino, the more cashback rewards you will receive.

Should you always choose casino sites with cashback?

We recommend that your choice of which casino to play is not determined by which online casinos offer cashback or not. There are many good online casinos that maintain the highest quality but do not offer this particular sort of bonus. To find out if the casino you have in mind offers this or not, you can search our list of online casinos offering cashback bonuses below.  

It’s more important to choose a casino that provides a safe and secure gaming environment, with high-quality and fair games as well as around the clock customer support. Always opt for a casino that offers the total package rather than one bonus offer.  

To find the top online casinos with superb bonus offers such as cashbacks, take a look at our recommended list. Each of these casinos has been vetted and reviewed and includes all the necessary features to provide an amazing gaming experience.

How do I get a cashback bonus?

Every casino has a different approach when it comes to handing out cashback bonuses. As with every other bonus promotion, you will need to deposit and play a certain amount at the casino before being eligible for a cashback.  

With any cashback offer, the terms and conditions will be available on the promotion page, clearly stating the minimum amount, you need to spend in order to qualify. Some online casinos can require large sums to be spent before a cashback is claimable.  

Always read the fine print as some cashback offers work automatically while others require you to contact the casino cashier to claim your cashback manually.

Do I Have to be a New Player to Receive a Casino Cash Back Bonus?

No, many online casinos will give you cashback in the form of real money should you enter into the casino VIP programs that they all provide. You will tend to find that the casinos will be more generous with their cashback offers to their VIP players due to the loyalty that these players have shown to their casinos.

Top-Up Bonus (Reload Bonus) vs Cashback Bonus?

A reload bonus is the complete reverse of a cashback bonus and more detail on these rewards are available on the reload bonus page. Here you will get bonus cash as an added extra to your winnings. Like a cashback bonus, it is calculated as a percentage of your actual winnings over a designated period. Normally you will find the percentages of the top up bonus lower than the cashback bonuses that the online casinos will offer.

Are there set rules on cashback bonuses?

Before claiming any type of bonus or promotion it is vital to read the terms and conditions connected to it. And cashback bonuses are no exception to this rule.  

Before opting in to a cashback bonus offer, you need to find out how much you need to wager in order to be eligible for the bonus to trigger. The fine print will also show you which games count towards the cashback bonus offers. In most casinos blackjack will be excluded from cashback offers.  

Another key point is to find out what limitations or caps are placed on your offer. Some casinos will have a maximum cap of $100 on cashback bonuses. Other casinos will require you to have a minimum amount of funds available in your account in order to qualify.  

Cashbacks can be highly rewarding, especially if Lady Luck hasn’t been on your side. That being said, it’s always best to ask yourself if the promotion you’re considering will be beneficial to you. At the end of the day, a cashback is a bonus that is paid out on funds you’ve lost at the casino.  

To put it simply, a cashback bonus is a percentage of net losses in a specific period of time. Thus, you will only qualify for this bonus if you have lost a certain amount of funds in a set amount of time. There are some rare occasions where cashbacks are calculated on net wins instead of losses but these are hard to come by.